Bowl game prediction: good, bad, ugly

I have no idea what bowl game is possible if we either win out or lose out but any bowl against Liberty (as some rag predicted) would be ugly. :face_vomiting:

Any P5 good
Any non champ G5 bad

I haven’t seen any recent bowl predictions. What are the possibilities? Anyone know?

It will probably be a Dallas bowl of some kind. Most prognosticators I have seen have us in the Frisco or Military. But yes, a game against Liberty, with our banged up team and Heaven forbid a loss to them would be humiliating…

A NY6 bowl would be ideal if we could win out AND have a few bounces go our way.

A bowl in NRG would be the next most desirable.

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Please no MWC teams…I couldn’t stand to lose to them 3 years in a row!


both espn projections have us going to the Independence bowl
Houston vs. Georgia Tech
Miami vs. Houston

independace isnt an aac bowl so they know something we dont

cbs sports has us in the frisco bowl vs ohio from the MAC
mcmurphy has us in the frisco bow vs western Michigan from the mac

sports illustrated has us in the forth worth Armed Forces Bowl vs Boise State

the aac actually has 4 p5 bowl tie-ins this year…2 are on the east coast so we wont get those…then theirs the armed forces bowl but the big 12 wont have enough bowl teams …and bham vs the sec (there will not be enough SEC)

amazing situation - wheel and deal and somehow end up in the independence bowl
second best option: we go to the armed forces and the replacement team is really good
the 3rd option: we go to the frisco bowl which has no true partner and somehow get byu
a very likely 4th option: we go to the frisco and get a mac team

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A MAC opponent would be a real letdown, but I’m confident that our offense, even with a backup QB would absolutely light it up against any MAC defense…especially with weeks to prepare.

It’d be a victory for sure.

Boise State would be interesting.

This week is huge for bowl tie-in. We win division a decent bowl is ours. Tall order though.

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Frisco Bowl VIP tickets are $125. They include 2 hours food & drink prior to the game and free tickets to the Soccer Hall of Fame. They also include covered seating in the end zone.

Grab them before they’re gone!

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If six wins is the threshold for a bowl game then the SEC as of right now has 10 teams qualified. I think that would be enough.

bham is their 9th bowl
they are projected to get numerous atlarge (3) in the ny6 and a playoff team

Stewart Mandel at The Athletic has us going to Fort Worth.

To play Southern Miss. Who’s 5-5, and has to beat UTEP this weekend to get bowl eligible.

ANOTHER craptastic matchup.


Let’s win the conference first

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LB Memphis First!!!

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If there is no Big 12 playoff team and either TCU or Kansas St wins, then there will be. Armed Forces against TCU is the best option I see. Probably our only chance to play them for a long time and they are also banged up really bad.

Also SEC could fill the Birmingham bowl, they will for sure have 11 bowl eligible teams, maybe 12 if Ole Miss can knock off Miss St. Not sure if the Birmingham or Independence would get filled first for them. Best case scenario for our conference is the SEC getting a team in the Birmingham Bowl and an AAC team filling their slot in the Independence to play the ACC. Need to start cheering for Ole Miss or dare I say it, a NY6 bowl like the Fiesta choosing UT/OU over Florida with the at large.

That’s what I thought but checked, and the AAC actually does have a secondary agreement with the Independence. So, I think I have the following correct: The SEC sends its #10 team to the Independence, but if the SEC champion makes the CFP, the 11th rated SEC team would go. If two SEC teams make the CFP, then the #12 team would go to the Independence, assuming there will be a #12 bowl-eligible team. There won’t be. There are 10 SEC teams bowl-eligible now, and the winner of the Tennessee-Vandy game will make 11. Only other school with a chance to get to six wins is Ole Miss, and they’re on probation and can’t go to a bowl. So I guess the ESPN writers must think that the SEC will get two in the CFP if they have us in the Independence. Only way that happens would be for Georgia to beat Alabama. Even then, I don’t know that Alabama would get in over Michigan if the Wolverines beat Ohio State and then Northwestern in the Big 10 championship game. But the Independence would probably be the best bowl we could get unless a miracle occurred and we beat Memphis and UCF. The Armed Forces would be ok if we got the Big 12 #7 team, but that’s unlikely.

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What bowl would/could we get as AAC champs?

Asking for a friend.

Which AAC bowl tie in do you consider decent? Ft Worth and Birmingham?

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Yes, we should pull for TCU and Kansas State Saturday. That would open the Armed Forces for us against a Big 12 team, which would be pretty decent. The Independence is the bottom-rung game for the SEC, but I would still take it over any other AAC bowl, probably including the Birmingham.

Barring a miracle from the playoff committee to put us above the MWC champ, basically the same bowls that are listed above.

However, there may be backroom negotiations going on as there were two years ago.