Bowl Game Tickets

Has anybody received their tickets yet? I have not - and the stupid game is next Saturday! Our ticket office seems to be waiting until the very last minute to get them out.

FYI - Got an email an hour ago saying that a UPS package (UH Bowl tickets) is about to be delivered!

UPDATE - Just received the UPS package delivered to my front door w/Bowl Game Tickets!

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How many did we sell?

I received my 4 on Sat.

Received my this afternoon as well: UPS.

Got my 2 yesterday and I am in Georgetown!

Well, I guess mine are on the way - somewhere; I swear, our inefficient ticket office is going to send me to an early grave. I got an email from UPS yesterday saying that the tickets would be delivered late today; then another this morning saying that they will not, and they will tell me when they will be delivered later. This is Tuesday; they will probably come Wednesday, but the darn game is Saturday, and I am leaving for Fort Worth on Friday!

But, all of this nonsense was created by our totally inefficient Ticket Office. I just got back from an 11-day cruise on Sunday, and I tried to make my needs crystal clear before I left home on the 5th. I called the Ticket Office before I left and made very clear exactly where I wanted to sit. They took down all the information, and everything seemed to be in order.

Then, when I got home on Sunday, I had an email from the Ticket Office, asking me all the questions I had already answered two weeks earlier. I replied to the email immediately, and apparently they shipped my tickets on Monday. What the heck happened to all the information I had given them two weeks earlier?

I got three yesterday, had a late order for a fourth one and was told it should arrive today.

May not be the Ticket Office. UPS emailed me to expect tickets the day after they were delivered.

Same here, says expected delivery is 12/18, but they came yesterday. Thought at first it was an e-mail about the one ticket I ordered a few days later, but it was tracking for the three I’d already received. I called UPS and they said call the school, school said the one ticket has shipped and should arrive today.

Update: it arrived.

Got mine last week from the bowl ( the $2.50 Vet Tickets)

Received tickets today as promised via UPS. Very happy with seat location relative to other bowls I have attended in the past.

And now I checked the tracking number with UPS, and I find that the shipment was CANCELLED! I will have to call the ticket office, and I suppose I will have to make a trip out there to pick up the tickets.

DAMN - I called and thought I had all this taken care of about two weeks ago!

And now - just as I thought - I have to go to the university ticket office to pick up the tickets. And, they have seated me in section 107 - on the West side of the stadium, so that I can walk all the way around the stadium to get to my seat!

They offered to ship the tickets to me “overnight,” or to take them to Fort Worth to be picked up there. I don’t trust them to do either one! Considering the massive inefficiency of our ticket office, it is a miracle that we manage to sell any tickets at all - for any event!


If anyone has an extra GA ticket available, please let me know. Thanks!

I had to pick up Tickets at Memphis will-call a few weeks ago because of a shipping issue no fault of our office. The tickets were there at Will Call as promised. I do understand your reluctance to count on Will Call at the stadium. The shipping snafu for your order sounds on them, but our allotment for reserved/assigned seating came from the TCU (Home) side of the stadium - where 107 is located.

See if you can pick them up at Will Call tomorrow night before the Utah St basketball game. Win win.


I wonder if this is how things are managed at Alabama?

I just got an e-mail about the Armed Forces Bowl from the school, clicked the link about Amon Carter Stadium, and the Hawaii Bowl from last year came up…Smh

See what I mean about the “efficiency” of our Ticket Office? When - oh WHEN - will the school do something about this atrocity?