Bowlsby doesn't envision schools breaking away from NCAA

“If 30 schools broke off, you’d take half of them that are traditional winners and they’d become traditional losers," Bowlsby said about such a rift”


Exactly what I’ve said about sec exp also. Some teams that used to win a lot will lose too much for their fanbase. It’s better to have more conferences with a few top dogs in each.

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Says the man who didn’t know OU and UT were jumping ship.


Says the man who HOPES the P4 doesn’t break away because the Big 12 will be SOL


It would most likely be a P2 (plus a couple) breakaway, not P4.


The one big thing I get out of his statement is that the people in power positions have been talking about it now…

Do y’all really think college football will turn into an NFLtype AFC/NFC situation with schools on the east coast and west coast? I just can’t (or don’t want to) fathom such a thing. It’s kinda gross.

Breaking away entirely? It’s possible. What I think is more likely is that the ncaa creates a new, completely separate division. The “autonomous conferences” seems like a half measure since schools in the SEC classified as FBS just schools in the sunbelt.

I wouldn’t worry about any conferences breaking away. They are afraid of lawsuits and congress getting involved because the ones with power in CFB, will lose. College Football does not want the Supreme Court or congress telling it what to do. Hopefully they have learned from watching the NCAA court dealings.

I can almost guarantee you there will be no break away.

If the NCAA made a new division, it will have criteria to meet like how many sports you are required to have and other metrics. Moving the target means nothing since schools like Liberty will start qualifying for the new division.

Money and power are the only things the SEC and B1G want and they already have that among their peer conferences.

Breaking away to this extent will get congress involved. Too many people will be affected by it.
The nfl is private enterprise. College football is not except for the USC and Notre Dame power schools. They all need mutiple conferences.