Wichita St. is listed as a 12 seed AQ and we’re listed as a 2 seed.

I think the only thing wrong with that is we’re going to win the AAC tourney!

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All bracketoligist go by who’s ever winning the Reg Season as AQ so there’s some consistency.

I’ve seen a lot of bracketologists projecting us to win and be a 1 bid conference…

As far as I’m concerned the more teams from the AAC that show up in these click-bait brackets the better…

Maybe you can share those. Doesn’t really matter but as soon as WSU took the Conf lead by better % , all I’ve seen is the Conf as 2 bid league.

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See towards bottom n WSU as #12 seed. The other 3 very popular ones I follow are the same. WSU as the AQ and in the 11-12 range as a Seed.

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Personally still hoping we sit out the conference tournament.

Not me. I’m ticked we aren’t conference champs and I’m ready to show the world


Samps has commented on the tournament during his press get togethers.

We are playing in the tournament.



I am not sure why any of us care if witchita state makes it. Once we are in unless we play them I am not worried about them. Our conference perception is already crap this season with Memphis and sMU not really improving and Cincinnati pooping the bed.

Honestly I hope they all don’t make it.

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Sampson seems to think that Memphis has really improved over the season especially since the Williams kid is back. They will be a load tomorrow…let’s hope we are on our A game…

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They have lost all but 1 game by single digits and half of those by 3 or less.

Apparently they are also first in defensive efficiency in the ncaa. We are 12 point favorites and no one has beaten them that bad this season.

I hope we beat them out of the bubble.

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Me too.

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Memphis and SMU are on the bubble…

I’ve watched a couple of Memphis games recently and they look good… Unfortunately, for them we’ve looked great in our last 3.

I’d rather Memphis be in than Wichita State.

I think they should both be in…