Brandon Wilson injured :(

I’d rather him rest this week and have him healthy for UCONN.

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To be honest, I would rest him against Texas St and UConn if it comes down to that. Navy should be a real test the following week after UConn.


Rest him until he’s 100% or until Louisville.

It’s in his best interest and it gives some of the other guys some reps.


I’m not sure Navy is going to be the test everyone thinks they’ll be. They lost their starting QB in week 1 and barely escaped UConn and Tulane. They needed late TDs in both of those to win. This Navy team is a far cry from last year’s team, but it still runs the ball 90% of the time and we all know what our run defense has done to teams this year.

All that to say, I agree with Brad. Rest him until he’s 100% or Louisville gets to town. We will definitely need his athleticism in the nickel to slow Lamar Jackson. But I also don’t want him getting rusty or out of sync. We’ll need everyone on their A game when Louisville rolls into town.


Didn’t he finish the game on Thursday? I remember him out in front throwing blocks during Taylor’s pick 6.

If he is attempting to be back by the end of the week, it doesn’t sound too serious.

Yes, he did come back in and that’s a very good sign. But he may have come back because we were struggling. If he was able to play on it, I have little doubt he will be able to play this weekend. Just a matter of if we want him to play against a way over-matched TXST.

We wont need him against SWT so he should sit and get healthy. Same for anyone else who is hurt and a major piece of our team.

I hope it’s not too serious. We need him.

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