Anyone watching the election results in Brazil? It sure has a familiar look to it.

I think we need to move forward and trust our election results , otherwise we’re third world so I’m against republicans saying it was stolen and even if so, we need to move on , what’s done is done. Going forward we need to trust the process. I voted sat and it seemed secure.

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There’s no “even so” or “what’s done is done”. Our elections are secure.


Bolsonaro said if he lost, it was fraud. Polling had Lula ahead and was largely on point.

I’m surprised the GOP hasn’t sent observers to shadow Bolsonaro and take lots of notes so the coup doesn’t fail next time.

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I think the republicans are to blame with not trusting results. Just move on to what is now and Covid is over so trust the process vs complaining going forward. Could fraud have happened? Yes or maybe no but we need to move on


Yes, the right wing populist lost in both elections. So what?

That’s straight propaganda.


Yep. You’re probably right. It’s just odd that Brazil has come to a standstill since the election. Even the police are protesting. Nothing to see here - Signed Myanmar.

Maybe their b!tch baby of a leader should take his L like a certain mango baby should’ve done instead of destabilizing a while country to feed their own fragile egos.


The police aren’t exactly beacons of freedom over there.

The right wing populist lost, the left wing populist won. And this was expected.



He was saying he was going to do this before the election. Now some are surprised at the fallout. Weird.

Bolsonaro said he couldn’t lose except by fraud. We’ve heard that before from our own FPOTUS. We don’t know how much violence Bolsonaro is willing to promote to stay in office.

We also don’t know how much violence the GOP is willing to promote to gain and keep the presidency in 2024. We will find out.

Several lessons to be learned from however Brazil resolves this. Of course, Bolsonaro could’ve already conceded, and said he’d be back for the next election. Trump is all in on Bolsonaro.


Yeah, that’s my point. The OP is asking if we see the similarities and that’s it.

If a populist leader says something like that and loses, you will see this kinda stuff 10 times out of 10.

Getting interesting in Brazil. Don’t think they’re embracing the ‘new’ president.

Some don’t like democracy.


How do you say I hate democracy without saying i hate democracy.

They looking at Brazil and wish it had happened here.

How many wanted martial law imposed by Trump, to overturn the election?

Hint: a majority of MAGA.

Jan 6th, bub. Same script.

We see through you.

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Fortunately more like democracy here, for now.

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