Breaking down 2019 Houston football: Defensive line

Projected depth chart

DE: Isaiah Chambers, Payton Turner
DT: Aymiel Fleming, Derek Parish
DT: Blake Young, Olivier Charles-Pierre
DE: Leroy Godfrey, David Anenih

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Parish at DT? That’s a surprise, to me at least. I was thinking DE.

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What in the world? How big did Parish get???

He’s still listed at 245. I think these projections will change a lot in some cases come summer camp. Taures Payne is supposed to be really good. I didn’t see the spring scrimmage, but’s that’s what I keep hearing. I think he is more of a DE though. In any case, small DT’s are going to get crushed, is my fear. I don’t know if Parish has the frame to add 25lbs. He is super quick so maybe that’s his advantage. A miniature Ed.

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Payne had a handful of offers and his highlights make him look like a very good pick up. I think the D-Line is going to very good with the guys we have at their natural position. Parish playing DT at 245 sounds like a set up. Double teams would take him out of almost every play and expose our LBs to potential injuries. I’m hoping this is a typo by the Chron.

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The offical UH Cougar website lists Parish as a DL. I really hope the JD meant DE and not DT. I can’t imagine a scenario in which a 245 lb. DT is successful at this level. That roster doesn’t break down by DE or DT. O-line isn’t broken down by C, OG, OT either. Not sure why they like to be vague but it’s been like that for a while now.

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When did Parrish stop being an ILB?

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Sometime during spring he was reclassified as a DL. Someone, JD, should ask Holgo what makes him better as a DL than LB. Seems like he has prototypical size for an ILB and runs a 4.5 40, I think.

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My thoughts as well. He would be the prototypical ILB, and a 245 thumper at that. Maybe he’s been collapsing the pocket at WDE this Spring and not DT. Surely a typo. :thinking:

I would not be surprised if the DL is the strong point of the defense

Parish’s quickness was noticeable on his pass ruch during Friday night lights.

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With Godfrey listed at DE (started out as an OLB) and Parrish at DT the defense looks more to be a 3-3-5 hybrid? Looking to get more speed in the front 7 than pure bulk. A lot will be determined by the end of fall camp and even the first few games of the season. Stuard played mainly at nickel last year but is listed at LB by Duarte in his linebacker breakdown, but still a safety according to Anenih is listed as DL at 237. I can’t imagine him being a 3 pt stance DE full time? It’ll take some time for positions to be established with a first year coaching staff. Should be fun though. Can’t be any worse than the last two years. Smh


CDH mentioned that they were going to have a lot of guys rotating through on the DL. Wouldn’t be surprised if we show multiple looks at different teams.


It will be fun to watch I think. Anything is better than sitting back on one’s heels waiting to get punched in the nose!