Brent Musburger: Houston has best chance in CFP history to make Final Four; Tom Herman's 2017 coaching gig

Brent Musburger: Houston has best chance in CFP history to make Final Four; Tom Herman’s 2017 coaching gig

If they stay undefeated, I think they have to make it because they opened the season with a high visibility game. If they had played Week 3 or 4 and a lot of other stuff was going on around the country, people might not be talking about it. But everywhere I go, people look at Houston. Let’s be honest: Even some of the folks at the committee would love to have a Group of 5 team in the Final Four. It gives them an excellent chance. Because let’s take a look at some of the other favorites.

Good answers on both questions!

We need P5 status. Otherwise its always going to be an uphill battle, grooming coaches for other teams.


You’re right, jolly. Is like groundhog day. UH can always find great coaches but the challenge of keeping them will always be there if UH doesn’t join one of the big 5 conferences.

If UH keeps winning big and attendance remains strong, UH should be in a P5 conference by 2018. If it doesn’t happen this time around, it may not happen in the foreseeable future.

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That’s right. I think we’d actually be a great fit for the ACC, but unless we get down to a P4 (which I think is pretty likely if the Big 12 doesn’t expand) I don’t see conferences getting big enough to open slots to let us in.
Big 12 or bust, I guess.

The best thing that we have going for us, and Tom Herman knows this, is that we are in the greatest football playing city in the world. There is a huge pool of underrated players in East Texas and specifically Houston that we get because they only get rated 3 stars. Add that to the football fans that we have in this city and we should be a monster every year!

Tom can still recruit Houston from other schools though. Let’s face it, no matter how much Tom likes living in Houston and being in the center of a recruiting hot bed, he would be insane to pass up on a 2 million a year raise at a school with a much better recruiting budget, double the attendance and the guarantee to be in the final 4 just by winning. If we have another top 10 finish and don’t make it to the big boys table, Tom’s staff will get picked apart by the seams and his recruiting won’t be getting any easier.

No school in the USA has double the attendance of UH. UH will match any measly two mil raise and he can recruit Houston better by being in Houston. Kids here want to play for HTown and he can drive to recruit them and be home for dinner.

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Agree. We will match any offer. And he doesn’t have to travel to recruit.

“No school in the USA has double the attendance of UH.” If you are referring to Conference USA you are right. If you are referring to the United States of America, then you must be really bad at math.

Ah, I thought you meant student enrollment. Recruits don’t care about attendance to games as long as the stadium is full and loud. We are.

I have never put a lot of thought about enrollment in these conversations but you got me thinking…

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