Brett Mcmurphy on Expansion

And on top of that, Fox openly advocates expansion by 4 {according to you).

You must believe Fox Sports is the dumbest negotiator in history. Expand to the max! We got tons of money! Take it out of our checking account and put it in yours. We’ll openly tell the whole world that this is what we want to do!

FOX wants inventory to show on their stations!!..THAT is why they openly advocate expansion. They are in a war with ESPN…Bringing in 4 schools, including eastern schools like the Florida schools, helps them and hurts ESPN…FOX is a vast entity…vast…My manager father has dealings with them, and laughed out loud at the suggestion they dont have the money to do what they WANT…These are the people who took the NFL away from CBS…

B12 will look horribly inept if this comes to pass.

Isn’t “content” the same hope many held for the American in their trials with ESPN and NBC sports?

Texas tech

Oklahoma St
Iowa St.

Baylor gets booted because nobody wants to go to he!! with them. Try and bring Nebraska back but you won’t get Mizzou and A$M away from that SEC teet. No way.

Blowsby knows that a 10 team conference is the most unstable of them all. The PAC can have one conference call and reduce the whole thing to ashes.

If Blowsby agrees to a 10-team continuation I predict he’s removed within the month. Boren is smart enough to know it’s stupid.

And please, stop with the Nebrasksa talk and Flug references…they both indicate a level of psychological instability.

Boren and Oklahoma may have already checked out. OU knows that there will be a place for them in a P5 conference if the B12 dies. OU may have already decided that they’re leaving in 2025 when the GOR expires. (Note that there is absolutely no initiative to extend the GOR.) So what’s a team like OU do in the meantime. They’re stuck in the B12 until the mid 2020s. They’ve already decided that the future of the B12 is not important to them. I’ll tell you what they do. Shake down the TV networks for all the money that they can. If that involves staying at 10 teams, so what? OU got into the playoffs in a 10-team conference last year.

And they may NOT HAVE … where is your proof … as a famous LA detective once stated … just the facts ma’am just the facts.

Uhhh '91 you have been spewing anti Big12 rhetoric now for weeks without any actual support/facts other than innuendoes and wild guessing.

Yepp we know you hate the Big12 and the horns/sooners … maybe its time to go BACK to your own board and spew your venom there instead …

Most of us don’t expect the news to be rose buds and rose gardens every day but we also don’t tolerate doom and gloom everyday either … a blend of both is about what we are expecting now these days with some of us still hoping for the best but ready for the worst.

I liked your comments at the beginning until they started turning dark and negative and your true colors started displaying …

So unless your trollish comments don’t start turning with some positive encouragements on occasion then there’s always your aggie board … GO THERE … THEY WOULD WELCOME YOUR COMMENTS FROM THE DARK SIDE.

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Maybe you should slow down a bit

TAMU and I have been going to Coog games for years at Robertson and he’s had better seats at TDECU since it was built

I saw his family at last year’s Peach Bowl and he attends one or two away games each year.

He does all of that because it’s fun being a cougar fan and it doesn’t cost a fortune

You don’t have to appreciate or agree with his comments but I think you’re taking things a bit too seriously with the name-calling

There are 100 different ways of the sling could work out and I appreciate all the opinions on here whether I agree agree with them or not. I happen to think your poster somewhat too long but The fanatical part of this is what makes it fun so knock yourself out

these are just opinions ion a fan board. It’s all about fun so let’s keep it that way

What implications do the GORs have? Isn’t it something they could pay off if the deal is good enough? Like both OK schools to SEC?

UT and OU want to be the king of the castle. They cannot do that in another conference.

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The Big 12 Grant of Rights agreement (the “GOR”) states that each school will grant to the conference its applicable media rights (in this case, first and second tier tights for football and men’s basketball) for the duration of the term of the agreement, regardless of whether such school is a member of the conference or not. As we’ve noted here previously, this means that even if, say, Texas were to leave for the Big Ten or Pac-12, the GOR mandates that the Texas first and second tier rights would still be owned by the Big 12 until the GOR period ends in 2025.

PAWRFUL … I’ll try to keep in mind that you don’t like the fact that I believe the B12 is in a vulnerable position over the long term. I’m not sure it will really matter to me, though. I honestly don’t believe the belief that the B12 is in a precarious position is an unreasonable one to take.

My position before the B12 expansion talk was that UH should angle for Pac-12 membership. The Pac-12 would benefit from a Texas presence, and it would provide a long term solution for UH.

Since then, the B12 has started talking expansion. My position has never been that B12 membership is bad for UH. I have ambivalent thoughts about UH to the B12.

  1. Clearly B12 membership would be huge step forward for UH. There’s something to be said about taking what you can get right now.

  2. B12 membership would preclude UH membership is a better conference (e.g. Pac-12) for the next eight years. That means UH won’t be able pursue a more permanent solution until the B12 GOR expiration.

  3. Big 12 membership would allow UH to prove itself as a P5 team better than membership in the AAC would.**

** Texas and Oklahoma will do just fine no matter what. Ok-State probably will, too. Kansas will likely ride its basketball success to the B1G. WVU would have the inside track to the ACC. Beyond that, it’s every man for himself. UH may be able to position itself quite well over eight years. All things being equal, K-State and Iowa State probably have a leg up. But if UH performs well over that period, it would likely hold the tie-breaker over small private schools Baylor and TCU. UH would likely hold the tie-breaker over Texas Tech because Houston is a more desirable locale than Lubbock. But all of this depends on UH’s performance over the next eight years.

PAWRFUL, I want a permanent solution for UH. The B12 will not likely be a permanent solution. It may provide opportunity for something better, but it likely will not be a solution in and of itself. Nothing would be better for UH than for the Pac-12 to swoop in and scoop UH up right now.

But again, I’ll try to remember that you don’t like it when I suggest the B12 is a vulnerable conference. I’ll give it all the consideration that it is due.

Texas and OU seem ready to add schools, add strength and stabilize the league…when the money comes, and it will, that GOR will be extended well past 2030…it isnt like they have to do it now…The LHN is acceptable to Big 12, not so much to other P5 leagues who already have networks. a number of writers have pointed out the fallacy of claiming Texas and Ou are going to bail on the Big 12 in 8 years…OU has worked hard to push for expansion, CCG and they are going to get them. I think they are also loyal to other old Big 8 schools who have long association…Ask Colorado how things have worked for them leaving the Big 12 for the PAC…it has been a disaster…As for future, Houston likely will be in a stronger position than any Big 12 school other than Texas or OU…Houston’s huge market, strong academics and excellent on field success make them a serious target in future. The ACC spurned WVU before and there is no reason they would change their view in future. .Schools like K state and ISU, Tech and WVU will have a hard time matching what we bring…the contacts we have established with conferences like the PAC and BIG the last several years give us an edge. we dont need any tie breaker to fly over Baylor and TCU…as small, private church schools, they will be at an inherent disadvantage to state school candidates should it ever come to it…
But i think it is more likely that it WONT come to it. And all the talk about Texas and Ou bailing on the Big 12 is mere wind in the trees speculation…

The small12 is so far our most tangible chance at getting into a P5. I too would much prefer the PAC12 or SEC to come calling, heck even the BIG10. So far we have not heard the phone ring…unfortunately.
Yes, I do believe that we could be competitive in the SEC, PAC12 or BIG10. The greater Houston area for its recruiting is unique and playing IN HOUSTON would be huge for any hometown recruit. You bet that atm and even LSU would be scared. With regional divisions cost can be lessen. Are these leagues interested in expanding…that’s the biggest question. I am hearing rumblings again (Notice, I only call it rumblings) that the PAC12 is talking about expanding. There is no “courtesy” lunch or visit especially with what has been going with the small12. To make think otherwise is to keep it QUIET. That is one of the first rule of negotiation.
Now if the small12 expands nothing guarantees us that the conference will even exist in eight years. It is not fantasy but reality. I can’t remember a P5 league acting like they have so far. We hear about 18 possible candidates. What is the real purpose behind this? Do the small12 want to proclaim to the world that they are doing their homework? Are 18 teams BIDDING for a P5 FRANCHISE? That sure sounds like…The sad truth is that it has come to that.
The small12 does not care one bleep about us or the other 17 teams. They want to make sure what will make them the most money for the next eight years. I don’t blame them but for the same reason I can’t see this league ALIVE in eight years…or even sooner. In case a great offer comes calling uta and OU/OSU are as good as gone. Speak about a “stable” P5. It looks as if we are going to have dinner on a table with three legs. Aldine, I enjoy reading your posts but I NEVER TRUST WRITERS.
Yes, that is the “worst” of the alternative but at least we will have a chance at winning the big salad bowl. We will just have to keep the table balanced until someone “cramps” up.

Its all speculation without hard facts … and as much as the landscape has changed recently NO ONE knows the future or has the inside track to any decisions that will be made by any of the Big12 schools including the horns.

I’ve attempted to always preface all my evaluation comments with … “my guess or I am guessing” because that is all it is.

What turkels my nurkle are those who lecture us with future happening WITHOUT also telling us that they are also guessing and didn’t get into a DeLorian with prof Brown and come back telling us exactly what will happen.

I am also of the opinion again guessing that UT and OU will stay put NOT because I did a McFly but observed that TWICE they had a chance to fly the coop and chickened out. Also the horns are too conscious of balancing their budget so keeping they LHN until 2030 when it expires is very important to them. Leaving in 2025 may or may not be an option depending on whether whoever takes them will make up the difference of 15 mil/year for five years.

Your guess is as good mine. At this time NO ONE KNOWS except uta and General bowlsby. They drive the league of misfits. I think that we can agree that uta is in control everything else reminds me of

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