Brian Early

Bruce Feldman reporting that Deion Sanders and the University of Colorado are targeting Bryan early to fill their defense of line coaching position. Would be a huge loss for us.

:open_mouth:… Damn.

Fight off the Buffalo’s.

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Targeting him, doesn’t mean there going to get him

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Yeah I don’t see the logic here. The PAC is dead as meat. Give Early a raise if need be.

We are going to the Big 12, so there’s no reason to leave. Colorado could potentially move to the Big 12 when all said and done.

It does if we don’t pay him……Honestly, he should be the DC.

At least IMO.


I see Belk moving on after this year and have him being our next DC. Hope we keep him!


If ever there was a time to promote from within, this is it.


This guy has been far and away the best hire Dana has made. Gotta do what we can to keep him.


I think coaching at Houston in the BIG12 is a better job. But then there’s the Deion factor….


Deion convinced the reasonably successful head coach at Kent State to leave his HC position to be his OC. Not sure I like our odds if Deion is serious.

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Deion is looking for a pro gig in the long run; he can tell potential assistants he will take them with him. If they believe him, they may just jump. Of course the bucks have to fall right.

From what I could find, Early was in same ballpark as CU non coordinator assistants as of 2021. They didn’t have money lined up for the big jump signing Deion. Curious what they have for staff salaries.

Update: 2022 CU staff pool was ~ $3.5M (Pre Prime). UH was ~$5.5M.

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Not really the same thing - the Kent St. guy is looking to move up and probably had to take a job like that to do it. Early is probably in a better position here than he would be making a lateral move to CO.


So I guess it comes down to if Early thinks Deion > Dana.

Colorado shouldn’t poach Early. We should poach Deion!

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Early should know PAC is not stable but neither is being here but he’ll get 2 more years.

I am not sure, but I think Early’s two daughters are high school age, I don’t know about his 3rd child. I don’t know what they think, but I know it was traumatic on my sister when we moved back to Baton Rouge when she was in high school. We moved just before the end of my sister’s junior year at Bellaire HS and it devastated her. I have no idea how much that would play in Early’s decision, but it was a priority of mine to have my daughter to have more stability than my sister and I who changed schools a lot especially in elementary and junior high school.


If there was ever an assistant to back the Brinks truck up for, Early is him.


If you’re a head coach in the MAC I don’t think you need to take a P5 coordinator job to get a P5 head coach job. Getting a job at a P5 is generally why one takes a MAC head coaching job in the first place…

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Agree we need to spend money to keep Early… we saved on Dawson leaving… repurpose that $$$.