Bright spot of the offensive line

As most on this board are aware, I have been very critical of the offensive line this year. As I believe, specifically the interior of our offensive line has a ton to do with our offensive troubles. But watching the Kansas game back, Tyler Johnson played amazing at right guard. The first two series where we scored he was the only one getting vertical push on the defensive linemen. A lot of the big errors in the game came when they let Jenkins back in. Obviously he was not the sole reason. Those mistakes happened and as has been discussed. Ad nauseam on this board. There is plenty of blame to go around. That’s not the point of this thread. Just pointing out That Tyler Johnson played really well and I am excited that he is the starter moving forward. I think it will help significantly.


Interesting observation, as I believe T. Johnson is the UT transfer (former 4*).

So I’m glad it seems he was able to contribute, even if the entire line (or team) couldn’t consistently move the trenches back.


Makes u wonder if there are any other backup lineup that could also step in and do a better job then what we are seeing

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I’m sure there are some but most of them are currently on another team’s roster. Tyler Johnson demonstrates that the transfer portal is our friend!

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I’ll take it. Our running was loads better thsn the previous two games.

You are correct. He is the UT transfer. Kid is super strong and is a massive human being. I feel strongly that he is going to do really well.

I didnt realize Cam is classified as a sophomore. Its his 4th year with the program. I hope he takes a big step forward this off-season.
I almost wonder if he wouldn’t be better at right tackle. His pass pro is not bad, and his biggest issue is working in space. e.g. screen game, working up to backers, and pulls. He doesn’t have to hip mobility and speed for tackle they can give him help with the TE, and he’d be asked to do the aforementioned much less