Briles gonna Briles...talking Art again

And some in here still think we should have hired his son to be our next head coach instead of Holgorsen? Ugh! The entire family is rotten to the core!


In the new American age where integrity, character, and dignity are unimportant, Art meets the benchmark, clearly.


“But go on with your hate”. What a typical assertion from those who defend traitors and those with obvious compromised character after my rather benign comment. You must have many different types of red hats.


Please define “traitor” and let us know how you know he has character issues any more than most coaches…My guess is that is your opinion…and you know what they say about opinions…

What Art is doing caught the eye of the UIL. According to my guy, Mt Vernon has had 7 legit D1 kids transfer in. As the UIL guy said, “Nobody moves into Mt. Vernon, they move out.”


That would change the landscape somewhat.

I wonder if that’s the “new information” that led the district to overrule the initial findings and declare the kids ineligible and the games forfeited.

My understanding is now the games aren’t forfeited but the kids are ineligible

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Correct - I misspoke.

I found another story that reflected that the “unauthorized coach” is a former Baylor player under Briles who happens to be related to the two now-ineligible players who happen to be living with said coach in an RV park. I guess the parents’ move is taking longer than expected. :thinking:

Not allowed to have volunteer coaches.

Most schools will hire them as subs. Then the do something for $38/day and coach. Bruce Matthews did it while his boys were at Elkins.

If they aren’t mine they’re wrong. :joy:

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Just consider that your username starts with “big” and that you have opinions.

“I’m still proud to be a Cougar.”

Honest question, how could Art entice these kids to Mt. Vernon. Back in the day it was jobs for the parents. How would he do it now?

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Exposure to D1 programs is the main thing, I imagine.

It’s obvious that parents want their kids to play for an offensive genius. It’s not complicated.


If Kliff Kingsbury got fired from the Cardinals and decided to re-start his career at Weimar HS, how many parents of QBs / WRs would try to figure out how to get their kids to Weimar to play for him? They might even put their careers on hold for a few years to make it happen (because that is what parents seem to do today). Now, Kliff wouldn’t have to do that but Art had few options if he wanted to coach football. From a purely football perspective, Art is accomplished at multiple stops.