Briles not coming back to BU - Chip Brown


Won’t belive it until he’s actually terminated. Those animals up in Waco will do anything to bring their god back.

They can’t possibly bring back Briles. They’d be stupid.

I think those crackpots are just letting it die down then will try again to reinstate!

I guess the lesson learned is the cubbies can’t sneak anything past the horns without getting exposed.

Sooo the bottom line price for a few years at the top of the mt. winds up being around $$20$$ million … eh …

Ah hiccup for those BIG TIME $$$DONOR$$$.

Grobe is just a figure head … Kendal if they can keep him around and clean up their recruiting and title 9 is a mini clone of his father … the bears just need to lay low go stealth or possum and maybe they can reclaim the mt top someday.

Meanwhile they will make a cardboard like size cut out of Grobe and put it in the games … this fall … :sunglasses:

A darkhorse emerges…

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