Briles to FSU

Report: Houston OC Kendal Briles resigns, will join Florida State staff

Beware FSU, once a quitter, always a quitter…wait in till three years…you will see.

Like father, like son.


Well damn. Who can we get now? :tired_face: I don’t want to go back to applewhites offense!!

No fear. Applewhite doesn’t have an offense. He ran Herman’s offense and then let Briles run the Briles offense.

I’m sick with a bad cold, but I’d drive the 120 miles to help get his crap off of our property. I’m certain he doesn’t have much stuff, anyway, since he didn’t plan on staying long.

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Will we now get back those Ccog fans.
I wonder if FSU will lose season ticket holders?

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Well, Briles won’t have Francois. Video was released last night of Francois having a physical confrontation with his girlfriend.

Not a good look at all the video is disturbing, Especially since he’s been accused of domestic violence before

His dad is interviewing at USM for OC position.

And some posters here think he is too toxic to ever coach in the USA again.

Art will be back and in a P5 someday.

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