Briles today: "I've never done anything illegal, immoral or unethical."

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I try to keep the Baylor/Briles stuff on the Other Sports board, but this one has some Cougar ties. Not even touching the Baylor stuff, but isn’t this the same guy that was using UH phones while on the payroll to recruit players to Baylor?

Sad thing, he’ll get a job…probably with a G5 for a year or two and then move to a P5 after everyone says he’s rehabilitated himself. In the end, all that matters is winning.

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I didn’t do it

Nobody saw me.

And you can’t prove it.

I think actually Briles statement is truthful. He never did anything. That was the problem. He didn’t do anything to investigate allegations, punish perpetrators or protect victims. He didn’t act when he had a moral and legal obligation to do so.


Briles is so full of shit.

Art Briles expects to land a coaching job in December
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Briles would not discuss the details, but he said he will do a more substantial interview in “Bristol (Conn.) or New York” - suggesting it will be with ESPN - in “the next couple, three weeks that will give different insight to everything that went down.”

He replied: “When’s the last time you checked? Was it early May or late May? Being a ‘Texas boy’? Because I’m free now. The first time I’ve been free in 38 years. I’m a free man now. I’ve always been very loyal to my employees. And now, I’m free. It feels good.”

Has anyone noticed how strangely things sometimes turn out? Everyone was bent out of shape when Briles left UH the way he did; but just think - perhaps all the garbage that Baylor is now dealing with could have been our problem if he had stayed with us!

Sometimes, things just work out for the best - - - don’t they?


I had that same thought. Also occurred to me that had we not lost the UTSA game, we likely never hire Herman. Maybe even still have Levine.

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All my mind can do is revert back to “I did not have sexual relations with that woman…Ms. Lowenski.”

Of course two very different circumstances…just blatant lies…and cool accents…similarities stop there.

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