Bring the Texas State hate

Hate the school because it can’t land on a name

I’m just finding it hard to hate on Southwest Texas State.

Maybe because they hoard all of the beautiful women who spend more time tubing than in classrooms? I dislike maroon I guess…


I still hate that we lost to them in 2012.

It is infamous in my family as the “D.C.'s new carpet game” Why? After we had lost to them, I went to my then-newly bought home(right after the game was about to end) and ripped up all the old carpet(was getting new carpet put in two weeks later) and got the job done in 1.5 hours with the help of my baby brother and cousin(they only helped carry the carpet to garage after I had ripped it and rolled it up). To say I was disappointed and angry was an understatement.

I still remember how some of their fans were talking smack and being rude with some of the Coog fans. Heck even last year, some of their fans were being obnoxious before the game and telling us about how they were going to beat us again.

Hate would not be the word I use to describe my disdain for Texas State. I’m indifferent and don’t care really. It was just in 2012, I thought we were better and that day, we didn’t show it. Still sucks to think about it.

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2012 was more on us than them. Its their job to beat us. We just sucked at being prepared, and executing, and… really everything.

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Im READY for this game. 2012 game left a bad taste and 2014 the fan that sat in front of me left a very bad taste.

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RIP Ralph, the swimming pig.


Coogfans Can’t Handle The Banter, Ep. 576

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I like Texas State. They let Kathy Ireland be the field goal kicker. Daddy like!


No, I can handle the banter. It wasn’t an issue. I get it, they beat us the previous time before the 2015 game. It was just these specific fans that just kept on egging me and my brother on,the whole walk to the stadium. Too bad, I couldn’t find them after the game to return the favor. Lol! I get it is their job to beat us and they did. I was just in shock that it happened the way it did. Just a horrible game and horrible game planning(lack there of) on our part.

Every university has their own douchebag fans that make a bad example for others… we are no exception. We saw them first hand at the OU game. Can’t we all just get along? (Particularly when the opponent is zero threat to us.)

I’d say the students need to make signs that say “Houston for Ralphie the Swimming Pig” & “This beatdowns for Ralph” but I’d say that none of them ever had the chance to go to Aquarena Springs and probably wonder why the h3ll they have a road named that at SwTxSt…

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No doubt all fan bases have douche bag fans. However, I’m not ever going to take any opponent of ours lightly ever. Hence why, I don’t typical get into trash talking with fans from other schools. I let the field results speak for themselves, win or lose. I think all good fans of their respective schools will continue being fans regardless of the good or bad years. Heck, we know how it feels when we hit the bottom.

I’m just going to enjoy the ride for now and hope it leads us to better and bigger things. Go Coogs!

My crush on Kathy Ireland started At that point.

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