Brittany Griner detained in Russia

If true, not very bright. Appears to be big trouble regardless.

Bad timing for her…she’ll get hard labor

That is really stupid and sad. I hope the best for her bc it will be cruel in a Russian prison but her brain should have told her not to try that.

I met her on 6th street about a decade ago, her hands were enormous

She might be a dude…


I’ll let you check, be sure to ask first

She’s LGBT Putin doesn’t not like that community and American on top of it. She may end up in prison for along time. Very sad.

Yeah, sketch part is they don’t say how much is considered “large amounts”

Intetional or not this is bad timing and sad.

This sounds a little more serious. Again, sounds like a very poor choice if true. Never carry anything internationally that you can replace at home. Especially making a mil per year.

The New York Times reported that the Russian Federal Customs Service detained an American basketball player at Sheremetyevo Airport near Moscow after finding hashish oil vape cartridges in her luggage

Is this going to be our bridge of spies moment?

More than just residue…. And it was not just weed…. It was hash oil.

And it is their laws. Know your surroundings. At least she doesn’t have to hear the racist national anthem anymore.


Bad decision her part, bad timing as well. I assume she will be used as a political pawn with everything happening currently.

Yeah its amazing, I suspect she will be calling the racist American consulate to get her the hell out of the free minded Russia and back to the racist United States so she can continue her life of torment and bondage…

If you don’t like America, try it somewhere else. I double dog dare you.


What a freaking joke… She’s a dumba$$ for carrying that into Russia but she clearly is an individual user of THC and not some international distribution ring member (soon to be known as legal billion dollar corporations)

10 years for THC!!! Talk about fascism!

They can make a point by not allowing her back in the country to make millions if a small amount of THC is that important to the Russian government… NOBODY SHOULD BE PUT IN PRISON FOR HASH OIL.


That is just weed

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I thought hash oil is way stronger? Is that not correct?

This could be the basis for an episode of that show “Locked Up Abroad.”


Calm down.

Just because she doesn’t agree with everything you agree doesn’t mean she should leave America.

BTW, she’s got two olympic gold medals for USA. Do you? No, then you better leave America–you’re not putting in the appropriate effort.