Bronny rule 😮 Major Newz

GAME CHANGER!!! Hopefully Mercy comes thru :pray:

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See ya!

Hes 50th in his class. No way hes NBA ready.
Referring to Bronny James.

Not Mercy Miller


I dont think not a lot of kids are just after HS. Its more about potential. But i think he has a big NIL waiting for him at UH.


2024 NBA Draft the rule will be implemented. So basically the 2024 high school class is the first to be eligible at 18 to go straight to the draft.

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I’m sure LeBron isn’t behind this.

Bronny is a solid player, but he is not Bryce.

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Some top high school players can also leverage schools for a bigger NIL now if they don’t mind going to college for a year if the money is right.

Yah i honestly think this is a happy coincidence. The currents pushing this change have been in place for years now. I think Bronny really needs the college experience on multiple levels.

This will change the mindset of a lot of one-and-done kids. For many of these prospects, college is viewed as a holding tank, as they are preparing to be pro bb players no matter the level. Many will go to Europe, etc. to play ball, along with the G-League if they can make it. This is a permission slip from the principal.

Too, they won’t know until June whether they’ll get drafted. Will schools commit to them?

Yup. Exactly. But I think LeBron is fighting to get this done. He probably doesn’t want to play much longer. Get Bronny in the league as soon as you can. So LeBron can retire.

Bronny’s not ready for that jump. Bryce, on the other hand, is a whole different story. Dude is going to be built just like his pops. He should be the only young James going pro straight out of high school.

The pub of junior playing against dad would be too much to pass up I am guessing

One game I would definitely not watch !


I’ll let TNT know you’re not on board.


Any chance one of the James’ commits to the Coogs?


I’ve actually had this thought before about Bronny. I don’t think Coach Sampson would be very impressed by his play so far though.

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Yep. Sampson is so committed to his program and process he wouldn’t’ spend a single scholarship on fanfare. Its all about the process to Kelvin.

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2-3 years at a program like ours is exactly what Bronny needs imo. Not saying I want him hear specifically but of the schools on his list I think Oregon and UCLA would be the best for his game.

And anyone else you want to inform !

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Why are you yelling at me?

Ill tell whomever you would like me to tell. I just can’t imagine that they would care.

Bonny isn’t an NBA player now unless he’s prepared to make a huge jump within the next 365 days - and even a huge jump wouldn’t help him that much

Cronin would get in his grill and teach him the team game.