Broyles Award Semifinalists

certainly, there’s a candidate among this list:

I’m still a fan of:
Glenn Schumann


must a typo…didn’t see Belk’s name!!


Will Stein, Oregon, OC


This award is trash without our 3 headed offensive monster.


My pick for our next coach

Will Stein would be a great choice if we get rid if Dana. The OC’s for Washington and Florida State are also interesting.

As for non-Broyles candidates, I’m still on board with GJ Kinne if we want someone with HC experience.

Schumann is apparently on A&M’s short list. If Fertitta could get him, wow!

Probably low buyout too.

Inside Texas has Stein probably going to UTSA if Traylor gets the Aggy job. Keep in
mind that Stein has probably the best QB in the country. Not hard to produce on offense when you have that.

Do they really though? Isn’t that just message board rumors?

What happened last game for them?? 46 point loss to Arkansas St! I watched parts of two Texas St games and both times it looked like Kinne got out-coached (UTSA and ULL). I need to see how he does in year 2 before considering him HC here.

I like Schumann a lot. Working his way up through Alabama and Georgia with no college football background says a lot about how hard he works and how much people like him. Knowing the blueprint to the two best programs and having the connections that comes along with it will help him be a successful HC.

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Agree on Schumann. He’s going places. We’d be fortunate to get him.

Rees, Stein and Diaz.

The NEW AD can look for a candidate. Hopefully his name won’t “Anybody but CDH”


Was he the best QB in the country before this year? He certainly wasn’t before he got to Oregon. He wasn’t even the best QB on his team before transferring.

The list should start and end with 3rd and Belk.

His QB rating was 7th nationally, just two points behind Caleb Williams.