Broyles Award

Congrats Doug Belk


Well deserved. I hope he loves his job and the city and stays on for awhile.


i don’t want him to win this year, totally selfish, keep him off the big radar….

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It’ll likely be among Belk, Knowles and Lebby.
This award has grown to the point that the winner will be considered a ‘name’ HC hire.

Only way we keep him is if the administration gives him a giant raise

Otherwise, he gone

We should give him a raise, but I’m far from convinced he’s “gone.” There are openings at a few major programs—USC, LSU, Florida—but in each case you’re probably looking at a current head coach moving and taking his staff with him. What is probably most concerning, and I doubt money would be the main issue here, would be a head coaching position at a school like Troy or LA Tech.

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