Bryson catching kick offs

Can someone please tell him NOT to catch the kickoff when it is clearly going out of bounds?? He did that twice and wouldn’t we have gotten the ball at the 40 instead of the 25??


It was very frustrating. We were sitting on the 10 in the 3rd row and everyone in our section was screaming at him to let it go.

You’re looking at this all wrong. He’s catching it deeper so that our offense will have more room to work, and he doesn’t want to cheat King out of his yards. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think he might be fair catching too much as well. Those low kicks should be returned it looks like to me. They have home being a robot back there. But he does do a great job of catching the ball, especially punts.

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He;s doing what the coaches are telling him to do.


Returning kicks is dangerous considering our depth at WR

We shouldn’t risk injuring him


Is that why we fair catch every kickoff?

I don’t know about that, we have to play to win, not get hurt. But I unstand your point and thanks.

Yes, coaches are telling them to fair catch everything at a certain point on the field. My guess is we don’t want to risk a turnover and feel that our offense is fine working from the 25 every time…which is basically true.


I thought the kickoff he fair caught right on the sideline (seems like it was around the 10) should have been let go. It was either going to go out of bounds or get into the end zone.

But you make a good point that, with our offense, it doesn’t really matter whether we start at the 25 or the 40. The safety showed that we’re better off not starting at the one.

I think we need a real special teams coach. No imagination is shown on our special teams.

Also notice that KO coverage is average or below. Guess when you practice against a fair catch all the time, you can get complacent.


There was one kickoff by USF fairly late in the game where USF’s players were trotting down the field because they knew we were going to fair catch it. Bryson fair caught the call around the 10 (I think) and the nearest USF player was 30 yards away. I truly don’t understand this mentality.


I only saw one kickoff near the sideline. Also, be reminded this is not like a punt. If you choose to let a kickoff hit the ground and it doesn’t bounce out of bounds, you take a significant risk of the kickoff team recovering the football. The football isn’t round, once it hits the field, there is no guarantee it keeps heading to the sideline.


There were 2 near the sideline but one was iffy and I didn’t blame him for fielding it. The other one though, unless it bounced straight up, it was either going out of bounds or into the end zone. He should have let that one go. But honestly, I agree with the earlier posts that starting at the 25 doesn’t seem to be particularly detrimental to us.

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Why is Bryson even out there? He should dabble in slot receiver and stick to the QB room to learn this offense. Put an upperclassman out there to fair catch everything. That’s all CMA wants anyway with our great offense.

All the junk they try with Bryson that doesn’t work he must light it up in practice.


This is precisely my issue with Bryson not returning kicks. Briles and CMA have been talking from the start of the season about how explosive and dynamic he is, but he hasn’t really shown that in game situations. Not saying there haven’t been any good plays, but it seems that kick returns would be a great opportunity to showcase it.

On a side note, that speed sweep, reverse course, pitch back to King was super creative. I think it would have worked if they hadn’t strung it out so far. Briles got a little crazy there at the end!


You realize there’s is a limit to the number of coaches a team can have. If we get a full dedicated ST coach that means another position loses a coach.

The two point conversion was sweet.


I think a better stat than kick return yards, attempts and other current stats would be average starting field position after kicks.

USF after kicks: 18. 34. 17, 19, touchback, touchback, 39, 41
average starting position is 27,25 yard line.

UH: touchback, touchback, 16, touchback, touchback, touchback, touchback
average starting positionn is 23.7 yard line.

Note: boxscore doesn’t distinguish between endzone touch back and fair catch

USF has many returns, UH just one. 3.5 yards difference per drive. If you include injuries and turnovers, I feel like it’s balanced enough to not fault a coach for preferring one over the other.


We could have had a real ST coach, but CMA decided to sign 2 secondary coaches this past offseason.
Imo, we need a real ST coach. There is no creativity in our ST. I miss the ability to have returns for TDs and to block FGs and punts.

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