Bryson Smith

I was upset after the punt fumble but then felt bad for him when he got shoved into the other receiver to cause a fumble. I feel like he spent all last Fall and Spring practicing to be a QB and then spent the last 4 weeks training for other duties. Running comes natural to this kid but apparently proper punt fielding and blocking defensive backs, not so much.

I feel like they should let him just focus on just receiver duties until he has them all mastered.

Honestly not sure why he got reps at PR anyway. He should be focusing on wr and qb. Stevenson should be our PR.


the game announcers said applewhite told them pre-game to look out for bryson out of nowhere. that he was giddy about it …supposedly when he can catch the punts, he is magical running the ball

i was upset when it was happening, but after hearing that from the game announcers, i kinda want to see the magic… give him more reps in practice…if he drops/bobbles them, move on…

but lets not abandon a potential weapon on his 1st ever game as a freshmen, for some mistakes


Top 3 priorities for a PR:

  1. Don’t muff the catch.
  2. Don’t muff the catch.
  3. Don’t muff the catch.

Priority number 100 for a PR:
100. Score touchdowns with your dazzling moves and speed.

I am with Alfred on this one we need an upperclassman who will focus on the top priority of a PR. Bryson will see the field plenty this year at WR.


It was Briles that said it not CMA.

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Punt returner= Payton Sawyer…


It’s all on the coaching. Practice should have revealed these shortcomings in fieldng kicks and evidently Bryson fooled them or the coaches just failed to notice.


For all the world, it looked like they put the kid back there with absolutely no instruction on what to do, other than “go make a play.”

Surely we have someone on scholarship thst can catch a punt without turning it into a circus stunt.


He wasn’t on the depth chart as a PR (Stevenson and Singleton were listed) and Stevenson caught punts in the spring game. I do wonder if this was a recent change.


Bryson Smith is going to be a STUD!

I love all the ways they are using him!


Bryson will be just fine…it’s been a while since he has played and I am sure he was a little anxious. Sawyer will be an excellent PR in the future, just not as consistent fielding punts as he needs to be at this point…he is a true freshman and his time will come!

Stevenson needs to be our PR, KR, taking sweeps, catching passes. He needs to do everything. Best playmaker we’ve had in a while.

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potential 3rd option: that was bryson’s 1st ever college football game and he was nervous


Bryson has a knack for getting PI calls. He got 2 big ones in the game yesterday and one could have gone either way.

Very impressive for not a full time WR.

I thought the same thing. I hate it when WRs dont take advantage of opportunities to get penalties, especially on under thrown balls when you have the DB beat. Just come back to the ball and get the penalty! Impressive that he did that in his 1st game as a WR. His play on the 2 point conversion was nice too, he understood it would be a quick pass and to fall into the end zone while catching it since no body was on him.

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According to the announcers, we had no one on the team who fielded punts last year. Smith just got caught up in trying to make a play and muffed an punt. Some of you guys will find any reason to complain about our coaches.


It’s plain arrogance that Special teams unit is undercoached and it’s going to come back and bite UH in the butt like it did last year verses Memphis.

  1. Bryson is special, I admit, but he should have been eased into that crucial role.
  2. There is no reason our kicker coming out of fall training camp should miss a PAT.
  3. Rice recognized our weak coverage and pretty much got decent field position on most of their returns. I was pretty sure they were going to burst one loose.
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Wrong. You give a player the position and if they make a mistake, you correct it. Like how the next time Smith was in that situation he let the ball go into the endzone.

Our favorite Aussie lined the ball for the PAT with laces facing the kicker.

I think Rice’s returner was pretty good last season plus kick offs are going to be weird until we see the effects of the new rule.

Guess we will see if CMA reacts and gets it fixed !!

I think it was 2012 against SMU in Dallas and we got destroyed, Tony’s first year, special teams guy and all, and we went through 3 guys fielding punts who all couldn’t catch the damn thing. That was truly hairpulling material and the final score reflected it.

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