BU loses another

Looks like they’re with Stud quarterback Stedman is transferring to the local Junior College to be eligible to transfer immediately next spring

Word is this is being pushed by Kendal Briles, who is either looking to leave now, or setting it up so that Stidham goes wherever he ends up next season after coaching Baylor this season.

BU loses another

Uhhh … that’s what they were saying during the football season BEFORE Briles showed up …

and what they will be saying … AGAIN … now that he is gone …

Is it too late to resurrect Floyd Casey stadium. There does not appear to be enough tarp to cover the empty seats at McLane. I guess the owls can lend them some from their empty cavern … Rice stadium.

Stidham gone:

Stidham didn’t indicate what his future plans are, but Grobe said enrollment at McLennan Community College is a possibility. If Stidham attends a junior college and doesn’t play football this fall, he could transfer to a NCAA Division I school in 2017 and have three years of eligibility remaining.

That would leave him immediately eligible in 2017, and one option is that he could reunite with Baylor offensive coordinator Kendal Briles (Art’s son), wherever he lands, as he was integral in Stidham coming to Baylor after initially committing to Kliff Kingsbury at Texas Tech.

2015 OL recruit Riley Daniel who considered Houston before signing with Baylor has had to quit football due to injuries.

Baylor is down to 69 scholarship players.


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