Buffs back to Big 12


Supposed to join in July 2024. So one more year in the Pac-12. Kind of excited because a little trip to boulder might be kind of fun. New big 12 will have 13 teams and I think there is one more to make it an even 14. Another Pac-12 team is being considered


tons of rumor that another pac 12 will follow in the coming weeks…

and not credible source is saying the big 12 cant move past 16

yeah I think everyone understands that a 13 team conference would be weird. It just depends on who comes over. Do you have any ideas or preferences? I prefer Arizona.

16 teams is a lot for one conference. I’m good with a max of 12 honestly.

uconn is an option if no pac 12, but reportedly arizona, and a surprise pac 12 is in consideration (might be oregon, they are having an emergency meeting today)

Anyone but Memphis!


Do the Buffs have a basketball team…? :grin:

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To hell with UCONN, too…


Please no UCONN horrible football program


The most fun scenario I’ve read online is this: Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, and Washington PLUS Uconn and Gonzaga as non-football members with scheduling agreements.


UConn belongs in the big east


If Arizona leaves for the Big 12 the most recent national championship for the Pac would be Cals 1959 season. Would be very hard for them to still claim major conference status.

UH belongs in the SWC



100% on board with this.

im one of the few who would enjoy UConn and Zaga for BB only

@superspud UCONN wouldn’t leave the Big East for Basketball only, in my opinion

How much money would they make as a Basketball only member in the Big 12. All that additional travel too

The Big East TV deal is probably decent (Fox, FS1). I feel UCONN is only coming if its Football also

2023-2024 is going to be the new era for College Football. New teams on conferences, Tv deals and the 12 team playoff. Can’t wait.



That is correct. I bet UCONN curse themselves for getting out of AAC. If they would have stayed in AAC they would have been high up in the food chain.


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Only reason anyone cares about them is their recent revival in basketball. They had been struggling for the most part in the AAC. They need to be Big East and focus on basketball.

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