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That’s exactly right. Other than making the regular stops on Beale Street I always found the road trip / rivalry rather mundane.

These are great responses from the team. I’d expect nothing less. But as a fan I can respond, Trash comments, from a trash team in a trash town.


Good music in Memphis, though.

They have beat us 2 straight…It IS a rivalry.


That’s not the underpinning of a rivalry. Lol

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True, but trash talking year in, year out is. Memphis players are talking trash, ours are keeping it cool, but hopefully they will really let loose on Friday. Not with the trash but with hard, physical football. Also, Memphis plays dirty, like Navy, at least for the past 3 or 4 years so there’s that.


When you are in a weak conference that has very few, if any, natural rivalries you are left to manufacture something just to give the game a mild passing interest.
Probably started something like this.

“You guys from Memphis are dirty and we don’t like that.”

“ Oh really, well you guys from Houston aren’t any good, you just think you are”.

“Man, those are fightin words! If you don’t knock it off we are really gonna beat you when you come to our house”!

“Whose house”?

“”Our house”!

“Whose house”?

“Oh, you’ve gone and done it now”’! You are officially my rival and I don’t like you.”

“Well all right then!” “Rivals it is”!

Rivalries develop over decades, mostly stemming from hatred between the two academic institutions.

If Memphis is our rival we need to give up on the p5.

Agreed. Do you think we have any rivals in the AAC?

We don’t have any rivals at UH. We have teams we face regularly that the outcome has significant consequence, but a real rival - no.


I disagree. I think SMU is a rival and I think a case can be made for Tulsa being a rival as we have been playing both a long time. Although not in our conference any more, I still think Rice is a rival but that’s about it. Tech might be considered a rival just because we play them more than other OOC in State schools but I dont feel the hate like some of you do.
It’s kind of sad when you think about it. We have a football program going on 75 years old and less than a handful of true rivals. Maybe only 2.

We’ve beaten Rice 28 of 39 times. Many consider them our rival because of their proximity. But is beating the living crap out of them over and over really a rivalry?

SMU we have faced 33 times and have been as dominant as we have been against Rice, 21-12.

We’ve played Memphis 26 times and lead 15-11. Close, but not much historical significance. We are so geographically separated as well.

Tulsa we have faced 43 times and that series is much closer - 24–19 Houston. We know they hate us (100-6), I know I hated them when Toadd was there.

If you had to make a case, Tulsa would probably be the closest thing to a rivalry, but here is the kicker…

If you can’t pinpoint ONE of those teams, then can you say we really have a rival?

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I would call Memphis a rival. The games have been ridiculously close.

So using your example of series wins and losses then a 76-37-5 series record like Texas has over A&M means they are not rivals. Got it. Ask any Aggie who he hates the most. I guarantee you it won’t be some one with a record closer to being a 50/50 split.
Rice is a rival for the obvious reason. SMU is probably a rival on several fronts if only for our in state relation but our history as well as the rich boy / poor boy analogy I saw on here numerous times recently. Tulsa we may actually agree on which means we are both probably wrong.

To me, Rice is a “forced” rivalry, NOT a true rivalry.

In the AAC, I don’t see us having a truly heated rivalry with anybody. SMU probably comes to closest, but still not a true rival.


our rivals play in the Big 12 and SEC…when we join a P5 in future, we will make new rivals. Until then, we really do not have any. that we play.


I did not say I liked the rivalry with Rice it just is what it is. Forced or not, it’s a rivalry. Two cross town university’s that hate each other. Like USC/UCLA who I would consider rivals but the 49-31-7 series record might indicate otherwise.

I’m not sure how many of us really hate Rice. I do, but I’d say that most of our fans are ambivalent about Rice. Rice probably hates us more than we hate them, out of jealousy/athletic inferiority. They sort of “force” this rivalry upon us because of that. Most of us simply dismiss it though.

That’s why I fail to see Rice as an athletic “rival.” Truth be told, in every sport except one, it has been far too one-sided for years to be considered much of a “rivalry,” and as I said, most of our fans don’t really hate them…they sort of just blow them off.


I SECOND that!

Clearly my Coog fan friends feel differently and despise all things Rice.