But the real question is

…will alcohol be able to be purchased at NRG during the WSU game? Asking for a friend. :beers:


Why wouldn’t it be? The school doesn’t oppose it obviously, and it’s an NFL stadium. Although, if you’re like me, you tailgate right and don’t need alcohol by game time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wasn’t really sure of the rules given it’s at NRG. I went to some NCAA tourney games there a while back and no alcohol was sold. Was sad.

I wasn’t at the OU game in 2016 either so I wasn’t sure if they sold it then.

Last time we played Oklahoma, I went to get a beer. The girl behind the counter bent the tab on the can, causing it not to open. She then just gave me a second can and winked at me and charged me for one.

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Heroes don’t always wear capes^^^


I went to the Advocare kickoff last year and had many alcoholic beverages

I think it’s state law they have to serve alcohol inside that stadium due to the prices of everything including what you would normally spend before you even get inside. Calms everyone down.


For some reason NCAA doesn’t (or at least didn’t in the past) allow alcohol to be sold at NCAA tourney games. I can’t recall about our NCAA baseball tourney games on campus, but I recall we couldn’t buy alcohol at NIT game at Hofheinz years back. Which is strange because I thought NIT wasn’t really affiliated with NCAA.

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NCAA now owns the NIT.

And you’re right that the NCAA doesn’t allow alcohol at any sort of tournament.

I’m pretty sure I’ve purchased alcohol at a bowl game, however.

Most bowl games are owned by ESPN. NCAA does not run the football postseason like they do basketball. Thus beer is possible.

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Beer and wine are sold at NCAA BB tournament games now.

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Personally saw wine and beer in Kansas City this past Sweet Sixteen . . . . .