Butch Jones ?!?!

Didn’t know he was even involved. Very odd…


Good… no idea why anyone would be interested in that guy. The ultimate underachiever!!!

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I’d like to share publicly that I’m not interested in the job either. I will not accept if nominated and will not serve if elected.


LOL…waiting for Tom Landry and Vince Lombardi to tweet their disinterest as well.


UH administration said, “Who is Butch Jones?”


Some of these CFB coaches are a weird breed, man.


Do we even believe this drivel with all the BS “sources” that have spilled untruths during this season?

Not a chance.

Agents are trying to devalue the UH Head coaching position

Dennis Dodd is generally pretty good. Not exactly Chip Brown.

Odd for these leaks all of a sudden. Curious to know who the agent is for Fedora and for Jones. Especially if a certain someone doesn’t end up getting the job. Just sayin’

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Why would agents want to devalue this position? It seems to me that all agents would want a G5 school to have a coach get paid as much as possible. It’s in their long-term commission’s best interest…even if it’s not their client at UH now…it could be their client next time. Raising the pay bar is good for all agents.

No, I think these leaks actually raise the value of the position. P5 coaches were talked to and actually discussed the position. For a G5 position; that’s newsworthy and keeps us in the press.

Doubt the leaks are true, but my guess is that these guys are trying to get raises by leaking that there are others interested in their services. Same as Holgorsen.


Likely leaking this to make them seem more interesting. Much like Hunter’s meeting with Pac12.