BYU could be left out the Big12 as a "compromise"


Now the articles are coming in … this one from a BYU site.

Not sure BYU is #1. There’s some positives and quite a few negatives. If money is everything and UT/OU want to bolt, adding BYU would be easy. If they want to try and keep it together, BYU’s issues would loom large, just as they did with the PAC 12.

when 25 different womens and gay and lesbian rights groups contact the Big 12 and say what a mistake to give them a bid, you know Big 12 people feeling the heat…as if BYU doesnt have people against them already…

TCU Asst. AD is retweeting negative BYU articles, and posted the ESPN article about their admittance being inconsistent with Big 12 member’s values.

There may be legs to BYU being out over this.

No secret the frogs and BYU … DO NOT LIKE EACH OTHER … going back to their MWC days and games which were always close and contentious and controversial.

I am surprised TCU hasn’t come out before with earlier negative articles …

I guess the old adage about revenge being a dish best served cold … is in play here … BYU on the lip of the cup but no cigar

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