BYU going down!

Boise is beating them with little time left. 26-17 3:27 to go

That’s too bad. I was hoping they would win the national title this year.

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But Boise isn’t a football brand. It must be a different Boise.

Boise Tech


Boise Constabulary

Good job, Boise!


Best way to get them to expand the playoff is to have a non P5 team take one of the 4 spots.


Game over.

We’re P5 now though, so I would think that it would only hurt UH for it to expand now, no?

I was rooting for BYU.



Too bad for BYU. :frowning:

Was really wanting BYU to win. Would have made the new B12 additions continue to look currently solid.


I was rooting for BYU.

Not sure BYU can ever build depth with the type of athletes they recruit.

They aren’t at as much of a disadvantage as the service academies, or the extremely strict prestigious private schools but only a small % of Americans are Mormon and unlike a Notre Dame or Baylor…BYU expects you to contribute to the LDS.

I often wonder how this plays out in their recruiting… sure you can play college football AFTER you serve your mission assignment. They probably get more No’s than Yes’s

You definitely don’t have to be LDS to attend BYU or play football there.

According to my LDS colleague at work, missions are encouraged, but not required.

I don’t think the missions affect BYU’s recruiting one way or the other.

The only thing that might hamper recruiting is the school’s very strict conduct rules. I considered BYU for law school, right up until the time I read the code of conduct I was expected to adhere to.

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Does the rules say you can get expelled for having sex? That might discourage a lot of recruits.

Edit: I believe unmarried students having sex will be expelled.

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You have to be married

They only lost a tough game to a very good opponent. They can recruit plenty of big athletes.

This is correct.

Isn’t it part of their beliefs to be married to more than one wife? I don’t see how they could look down on sex.

I believe unmarried students having sex will be expelled from BYU.

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