BYU Moved to TDECU - 8:30pm Kickoff


WOW that is pretty big news. Picked up a home game!!!

Wonder why BYU agreed to this.



Makes me even happier that I renewed my tickets instead of redshirting.


We just switched home games. This year was to be in Provo and the next one in Houston. Now we’ve rotated that.

A better question might be why did we do this?


I agree, why did we switch during a pandemic year?


I thought I read it helped BYU with their scheduling long term. They needed a home game to help balance their schedule. I saw something on that a few weeks back. The challenges of and indy schedule.

Medical Dr’s who are working closely with UH FOOTBALL advised them not to travel to Utah. So hence both sides made it work and switched Home dates.

An early October Friday night game with a name opponent on TV it just doesn’t get better than that.


Really? Why is it unsafe for UH to go there?

edit - I read the article now…

I don’t know. We will travel to other places.

Either way, this doesn’t seem like a great deal for UH. I’d rather we punted the game. Maybe it’s about TV and additional exposure this year.

I’m in Utah now and the Covid business restrictions are more stringent than ours so the doctor’s Recommendation seems odd

I’m not one of those Dr’s…sorry :grin:. May be a spike in thst area not sure as I do my best to stay away from all the stats & graphs on Satellite – Covid19 thread. But did read on 2 diff sites b4 change was even announced.

I was not imply you were one of the docs.

I had not heard that so I was curious if you had heard the why.

I do think its a loss for UH due to restricted attendance this season. BYU seems to be getting the better deal.

Its going in our season ticket plans right?

Yes…just got the email.

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Yep, I think you’re right.

It gives us a replacement home game for the loss of the Rice game. Since I renewed, I am very happy.

Well if the Coogs won’t come to Provo this year, the Cougs will go to Houston.

My confidence in my Cougs (not very high to begin with) just dropped. :worried:. So, what’s the rule for people coming from California to watch a game? Can I attend or do I get quarantined for 2 weeks?

My daughter’s family lives in Spring. It’d be a twofer.