C/O ‘19 3* CB Deondre Dansby commits to Houston

New commitment for this year according to 247.



Class of 2019

Looks like he committed in late March. Adds to our pool of CBs.

Couldn’t find any announcement anywhere of him committing (and he has an active twitter account). His Twitter profile does say that he is a University of Houston Defensive Back.

Looks like he was having SAT issues before March; not sure where he is at with that now.

Solid offer list.

Weird that Harvard would offer if he had trouble with SAT.


Very strange, but that offer may have come in early. Saw that he had a high GPA which may have gotten him the offer.

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Says he had 34 pass break up in high school. Might not want to throw in his direction. :sunglasses:

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His offer list on 247:

Arizona State
Boston College
Jackson State
Southern Miss

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Quite an 11th hour get and boy do we need cornerbacks, bad.


Let’s hope he is another Brandon Wilson, who was an 11th hour signee.


Something about this does not add up…

Harvard offer came a year ago. I don’t think offers are binding. Especially if the athlete doesn’t meet enrollment requirements. Just wouldn’t seem professional to be contacting recruiting services to say an offer has been rescinded.

Of course offers aren’t binding. Commitments aren’t even binding. The LOI is what is binding.

Yeah, he’s coming. As of now, non-scholarship player PER SELLERS. I assume the staff will award him one as soon as one comes available.

You wouldn’t think he had SAT issues given that he was offered by Harvard but who knows? He attends South Oak Cliff, so there could be issues beyond football players getting a break at play.

Do schools like Harvard have access to high school standardized testing grades or do they send out offers based on PSAT scores?

Not completely sure. I don’t think state-mandated tests like the STAAR matter much, but it wouldn’t shock me if college staffs were looking at those scores.

It seems the LOI isn’t always binding either. Cheese. Cheese is binding.

That is my gut reaction, too.

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Saw it posted that he had a 3.4 GPA, but a 930 SAT. Likely took his SAT his senior year after the offer from Harvard.

Happens from time to time. Some kids struggle with tests.

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Yes… he could have easily gotten into Harvard with the right “support system” and actually wouldn’t have needed to fake his status as an athlete. :wink: