Cal Chancellor Rips Pac12


“(The) revenue model is based on two things: cable TV and football … If I was looking just a decade in the future, the landscape will be very different in relation to both of those.”

“I know it’s impossible to turn the clock back … to a simpler time in athletics when football games were always at 1 p.m. and they were big occasions in the campus’ community life, and all the games were on the weekends, and the athletes were less challenged by being students and athletes, too.

Pac12 has big drama issues over scheduling. They hate that they are ESPN’s “bookend” content and miss out on the East Coast prime time slots.

“I know that sounds trivial,’’ she said, “but part of the value of football to the institution is community building, and it makes it very hard to realize that value with the constant jerking around of game times.”
She is so spot on with that. I wish Universities would collectively grow some balls and stop being flunkies to the TV stations.


YOU are spot on. The PAC12 will have to decide if it wants to keep its currents members. There is a clear imbalance in the espn and fox contracts.
Why should the PAC12 have to play at 7 p.m. PST when the rest of the country is going to bed?
Why should the PAC12 members get less money than the small12 and the other P5 conferences?
Why should the cfp clearly down grade the PAC12 schedule?
That is a lot of whys and that leads me to believe that we are now in for either a realignment or new media players coming into College Football.
Yes espn is going to need to have content to fill their scheduling. You can also be sure that a media giant is going to “swoop” or BREAK THE BANK for the PAC12. I have no doubt google, appletv or others are going to change College Football as we know it. I sure hope we get on the same train.


Preach on brother!

That has been a sore spot with just about all of the fans that actually attend the games. We pay to attend and often have to make travel arrangements and are often inconvenienced and have added expense so a game can be broadcast to a minuscule audience. In the long run, we G5 folks don’t make enough to really warrant the hassle. What do we get, $3MM?

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This is the PAC’s main problem. 8 of their 12 teams are 2 to 3 time zones from the bulk of the US population.


When the stadium is 1/2 full we give away 1 million+ in game day revenues.

If ESPN screws us more than three times, we are losing millions.

This doesn’t bode well for us because the PAC’s best option is to do some tie in with he Big12 for a super league. And, frankly speaking, the big12 holds the better hand in that negotiation.

Schedule PAC 12 teams home and home. More! More!

Honestly, I dislike the PAC. Kinda m’eh to me. :smile:

We ought to have a home and home with UCLA in perpetuity.

Likely PAC isnt going to do anything with Big 12 except wait for their GOR to expire when OU and Texas will leave…then, they will likely take 3 schools along with Houston and expand to 16 and into the central time zones…You see what their alternative is if they do not do this in 2022/2023 when TV contracts expire and GOR makes Big 12 vulnerable…


No one has mentioned how Fox and ESPN may be merging and how the power leans even more toward tv driving the scheduling.

The pac has been rumbling for a couple of years and now the complaints are public so I doubt the pac will sit back and wait 6 years. Not when the big12 Can offer an alliance for access to the central time zone.

Not a merger but something along the lines of the agreement the big12 has with the SEC.

If the big 12 can get an alliance with the SEC and PAC then it becomes more stable. It already has access tot the MNC and makes plenty of money. The pac is now looking more unstable than the big12 even.

PAC will wait for the big shoe to drop: 4 super conferences; 64 teams. If the shoe drops with the end of GOR for B12, or whether it’s another grab by ACC, BIG or SEC is speculative. I hope Aldineblue is correct, And I hope we can be serious contenders for the AAC championship each year until then. JMO.

PACs TV contract doesnt expire until 2022, i think…this likely locks them in from making changes until close to expiration. Their rage is good and beneficial…As each year passes and they fall farther and farther behind BIG, SEC and ACC, and their rage and frustration will only increase. It appears only solution is to expand east into central time zone states and TV markets.

If i was in their shoes id look into getting a deal in streaming. Namely Hulu or Amazon who already stream NFL games if you have their subscription. Why? because Netflix is in risk of dying with this Disney-Fox Merger and not only that but Disney own stakes in most of the Movie companies that are making it big, Hulu and the all evil ESPN (80%). But, thats not why because as soon as the older generation (im sorry guys) leaves there will be less cable tv being watched and more streaming done and theyll have to realign how and who gets more content and streaming, and fans/subscribers will have alot to do with that. Right now about 50% of the population has Netflix but that could all change when disney introduces its own streaming service having pulled its content a while back from netflix (netflix wanting to keep its content 50% original). I guess what im saying if realignment goes bad (again) because weve been screwed before. Id take the most money we can for 1-2 years and jump ship to a stream. Heck id be so bold as to say get with a wireless carrier who will stream you (i.e T-mobile who already give Netflix for free)

Here’s a dire view of PAC12 finances(a bit dated, but nothing has changed). Playing catch-up is not a surprise; how they improve isn’t addressed. But will the B12 allow their revenue stream to be jeopardized by having their conference poached? Can OU and UT really make a lot more money (about $8M) by jumping to another conference but have a more difficult path to CFP? And w/o poaching a UT and/or OU, will new providers deliver more revenues to PAC even if they expand with lower profile teams? Interesting. Pac-12 finances: $1 billion revenue deficit looms

Or can one make a case for re-structuring for a 4, 16-team conference? BIG and SEC are already making about the same amount. Why wouldn’t one network pay for the right to CFP with type of format?

Just asking.

What is so alluring about streaming? Isnt it taking steps backward to have to arrange one’s life around when a sports event is streaming live rather than watching it at one’s leisure on DVR?

With Disney now owning the bulk of sports broadcasting The money and power is fully on espn’s side

Even if amazon wanted to jump in I doubt the money would rival what espn offers.

But after watching the second biggest juggernaut end up ceding to espn I doubt any other media will bring in cash.

The pac12 made a bet, just like the old big east did, and is failing.

Th big12 has options and may prove to be right in their decision.

The pac isn’t likely to partner with the acc or the sec. that only leaves the big12 and b1g. Big12 offers more flexibility to schedule pac for central time Access.