Cal Chancellor Rips Pac12

A big allure of streaming is lower cost – you’re not paying for 175 channels that you never watch.

The number of people leaving cable is staggering –

Well with streaming you have the flexibility. You can watch it live or choose to watch it later at your own time (without having to click to record). Its just that as Steve said you’re paying less for more as opposed to the latter.

If anything id start asking PAC if they want more even times to schedule us. PEZ work your magic!

I can’t understand why the PAC12 hasn’t made a deal with Jeff Bezos Amazon. They are in an excellent position to do so. West Coast conference with the headquarters of Amazon in Seattle. Similar ideologies.

They could even setup a unique platform similar to Twitch, the game streaming subscription service. How awesome would it be to subscribe to team specific networks that provide analysis/news on the team and have it serve as a platform for fan created media like our STW and ScottandHolman podcast?

Couldn’t agree more. With the population and trends becoming more and more mobile, cable will soon be too archaic for sports.


Don’t be so sure about cable being archaic. Now that the FCC has voted to remove net neutrality that’s another barrier for online streaming services that could result in rise of cost to consumers to stream their tv content. Cable will adapt, my guess is an a la carte model with the ability to change the package throughout the year to match your tv watching habits. Why would Disney make such a huge purchase of Fox sports regional networks if this was the trend?

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I think the net neutrality will go back to how it was. There are to many people and players opposed to this for this to continue. They are all getting sued. As far as Fox, i believe it was a power move for monopolization of comics and stakes they have in other ventures in order to use them freely in their streaming service. BUT the disney streaming will happen or atleast its looking that way.

Thankfully the change the FCC implemented only removes the rules to prevent this kinda thing from happening. But I’d it does happen yes people will get sued and I don’t think the change will last.

OU and Texas have already declared their intentions by refusing to extend the Big12s GOR, despite whining pleas from the many of the other members…Their clear intention is to leave, and they likely each take a partner with them where ever they go…OU seems headed to BIG, likely with Kansas…Texas? who knows? Where ever they can get the best deal or make the most money…PACs opportunity to expand will then come…if they choose to…They could be hesitant about taking 3 more Big 12 schools and likely wrecking the league, but once OU and Texas and their partners bail, its every man for himself…I see one of 2 scenarios…Either PAC expands by 4 coming East and UH is one of the schools chosen, or PAC remains at 12 and Big 12 rebuilds, this time bringing in UH and several other members in a SINCERE attempt to rebuild from 6 or 7 schools remaining…Either way, we likely improve our position, our status and especially, our money that we make.

Our best opportunity is the PAC12. Our new A.D. has very close ties to the PAC12. Cal is one of many PAC12 Schools that has major issues with their TV/channel contract and game times. The fact that there has been talks/rumors about USC leaving is a wake up call for the PAC12 leaders. Almost all of the PAC12 Schools are in dire need of money. Tuition is obscene and keeps going higher. Something has to give and it will.
uta is at a cross road and so is atm. They thought by excluding us they could get the best recruits. It clearly has not happened. It has backfired in a way that they never anticipated. That is what happens when you are arrogant. Are they too many Texas football Schools in DIV I? It surely has contributed to many more choices for college athletes.
Here is quick imo scenario on which small12 Schools could go to the PAC12. Again this is just a five minutes thought out loud.
tcu and baylor are out. Not Christian Schools in the PAC12
ttlubock? Media market? Enough said.
Kansas, KS? I see these two plus the okie Schools going to the BIG10. It makes geographical and regional rivalries sense.
baylor got in the small12 because of Ann Richards. This time they will end up in the MW along with TCU and ttlubock.
uta will have no choice but to bring us in. Yes they could bring ttlubock but the Houston area is incomparable for advertisers. In their mind it will stabilize the recruiting choice of a major recruiting area while “kicking out” its small12 Texas rivals. You will then have four major conferences.
The PAC12 will then have central time zone games. There is no doubt that you will also have 1 p.m.PST games…That is when the N.F.L. plays on the West Coast. You bet I am crossing my fingers it happens. There is also some natural rivalries with uta, U of H and the West Coast Schools.


The Big has two slots to fill to make 16 and the only schools in the B12 they would be interested in are Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Oklahoma is problematic in that the Big will have to lower their academic standards to invite them. Believe it or not UH achieved VHRU status before Oklahoma did. It may be more likely that Oklahoma and Oklahoma St go to the SEC, Texas and Kansas go to the Big. So now the Big and SEC are at 16 and are done. The ACC will take WVU and try to get ND to commit. The only reason that they are not in the AAC is their CBS contract and if CBS decided not to renew then that would force them to the ACC That would make 16 for the ACC and they are done.
That leaves the PAC and they need 4. The remnant of the B12 Is Iowa St, K State, TT, TCU and Baylor. Baylor is a non starter so the question is The PAC satisfied with the B12 leftovers of K State, Iowa St, TCU and TT? Or is Iowa St just too far? Is TCU too religious ? As a Cougar I think that UH, TCU, TT and K State make a lot of sense. Yes I know the arguments against TCU but even though It is a Church of Christ school it is not overtly religious and should be acceptable.

TCU has no chance for PAC 12 membership as league is forceful about no church affiliated schools will be considered under any circumstances.As i understand it, Kansas State, Iowa State, Tech and Houston all qualify academically and meet league criteria for membership…will be interesting to see what happens in a few years when all this comes to a head.

Out of Curiosity what are the academic qualifications for both B1G and PAC? and do we meet B1G criteria?

I understand the PAC reluctance to have a church related school but it would benefit them to have a presence in the Metroplex as well as Houston. That is why I was thinking they might make an exception for TCU.

Wouldn’t they get that market with TT?

That’s what Tech fans say.

Big has always required their members to be AAU, Texas and Kansas meet that requirement. PAC requires it’s members to be research universities, either AAU or VHRU. I am not sure if K State is VHRU or HRU.

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Yeah, well…they may say that but I haven’t seen any Dallas or Ft Worth call them a local team.

UH should be trying to join the PAC now for better positioning in the future. I’ll take west coast games for a few years to ensure that we are mentioned in realignment when it happens. If the PAC wants central time zone games, let UH become a member and it’s done.

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I think the PAC 12 East (ideally) could benefit from:.

Arizona St
Texas (or BYU)
Oklahoma (or Texas Tech)
Oklahoma St. (Or Boise State)

I vote tech because I dislike them more and because they’re a State school. State schools should stick together.

Just checking. Does your rationale for including tech include the yearly opportunity to beat the living daylights out of them? I’m in!

Fully agree. We have to be pro-active and not wait for the next realignment.