Caller's Question: Which Final Four coach would you most like to play for?

This morning a caller asked a ESPN host which of the final four coaches he would like to play for.

The host said he would most like to play for Cronin because he is a tough coach who demands a lot from his players.

I would have said Coach Sampson but maybe I am biased.

The other host said he would like to play for Drew.

Both of these guys played QB at major programs.

I don’t think you could go wrong with any of the four. Just pick the one whose program seems to fit best with you and your playing style.

If I were a specialist, for offense, I’d pick Few or Drew. Defensively, I’d pick Sampson or Cronin.


I’d pick Drew too. He pays the most.


I think I was listening too. I had ESPNU on the XM radio. I believe you are referring to Charlie Ward. He said Few and then he said Sampson too. That Sampson recruits a certain type of player and he thinks he’s the type of person Sampson would want to coach.


It was actually Greg McElroy I was listening to. I can’t remember the other guy but I think it was Danny Kannel. Ward was coming on later.

Drew seems pretty rah-rah.

Mark Few or Kelvin Sampson. Even though I would love to play at Pauley Pavilion, Cronnin is too much of a hot head and normally flames out in the first round. Scott Drew seems very disingenuous so he is a perfect fit for Baylor.


I’d pick Drew because with me on his team the Bears would take a nose dive.

Were I a good high school player I would pick Sampson.

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I knew we would be here after I watched the miracle that Sampson pulled off his first year here… CKS all day… Multiple Offenses, Multiple Defenses.

and at Washington State, Oklahoma, and Indiana

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And the Houston Rockets… I saw a huge drop-off in their defense when he left to come here.

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