Cam Tyson, former Coog, now at Seattle U


17pts for Cam. A starter. Good for him!


Nice job Cam Tyson.

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Glad to see Cam get to the right situation


So happy for him.

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That’s awesome! Great job, Cam!

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Great for him, but still don’t really understand why he didn’t work here.

His defensive skills were lacking.


Yeah, which is pretty hard to understand.

He redshirted/sat out the 19-20 season. But was able to workout with the team. And get his body in shape.

He just didn’t look that quick or athletic on the floor.

I think it was 1 of our few misses in recruiting

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Was he a “miss” or was he recruited over?

Cam defensively didn’t have the footspeed to guard.

And he was basically a spot up 3 point shooter. Not a lot of versatility to his offensive game.

Good guy. But was expecting an Armoni Brooks like player out of him. But he wasn’t that

I think it was a miss, cause can he shoot, yes.

Was he a lights out, Corey Davis, Armoni Brooks, Marcus Sasser, Wes Van Beck type (3) point shooter? No.

Maybe he needed more PT, to feel more comfortable on the floor.

But defensively he didn’t fit. And offensively, I was expecting a sniper. And he was more a volume shooter. Shoot 3, make 1 type player

Almost seemed to me that since Armoni stiffed CKS late in the game, CKS brought him in late to be a sniper, but his other skills were too limited for our team.


It happened a bit differently. Cam Tyson was originally brought in to be the Armoni Brooks replacement following what should have been Brooks’ senior season. While Brooks put his name in the draft, the staff likely thought that Brooks would be coming back for one more year and was just going to get feedback through the draft process, so the timing would work out since Tyson would be sitting during what was expected to be Brooks’ final year. Cam Tyson committed April of 2019. Brooks decided to keep his name in the NBA draft at the end of May 2019. Staff then had to scramble transfers to figure out how to replace Brooks. Grimes then committed June 2019.


Hell yah, go Cam!

Good for Cameron. He has become my favorite player who transferred from the program.

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I think it was more that he was recruited over and/or it was hard to put him in the right lineups with our personnel/system.

His shooting was elite. He wasn’t a good defender or rebounder but he at least gave effort. But beyond that, him and Sasser are both undersized and Marcus is so/so at facilitating off the dribble and Cam can’t do it at all. Cam wasn’t going to take any of Marcus’s 30 minutes or so a game because Marcus is a substantially better all around player, so that’s a very limited window for him to play and a lineup with him and Shead is a bit too small as well. He also needs pin down screens and stuff like that to get open, which we don’t do as much and also aren’t going to do specifically for a guy towards the end of the rotation.

I think Cam was/is good enough for regular minutes at an AAC-caliber program, but it really would have needed to be the right situation. If Mills had still left and then Marcus had missed an extended period with an injury or something along those lines, I think Cam would have gotten a lot of minutes and we would have still been a tourney team, though definitely a lower seed than we were.


Interesting, he led the team in rebounds. Sampson rubbed off on him

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In some respects he was like a kid trying to rebound and play defense at this level. He was good for spacing the floor and hitting spot up 3s.

Yeah I dunno. Guy holds our school record for 3’s in a game. I hate to second guess CKS, but I feel like letting him go was a mistake. Coulda used him Tuesday night.

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