Cameron Burrell running for his own place in family history

As he prepares for his final collegiate meet, Burrell said he does not have “an inch of regret” about his career at UH, which has included four close-calls as national runner-up in the indoor 60 meters twice (2015-16) and outdoor 100 (2016) and 4x100 relay (2016) before last year’s breakthrough.

“Now I have the opportunity to bring this championship home and show what we have been working for these four years,” Burrell said. “What better way to end my collegiate career than with a national title? That’s been my goal since I stepped on the track.”

I think Cameron is our best shot at an individual champ. our 4x100 and 4x400 teams have a shot too.

If those three come in first, not a sure thing, then we have the depth to pick up enough 2-8 place points to win it.

I’ll be watching. The Mrs. thinks I’m nuts for watching track meets but I tell her it’s better than Gilmore Girls reruns!



Hopefully Cam or Eli take the 100…think both finish top 3. Hopefully, Burke can make it to the final as well as he may finish top 5.

4x100 should be 1st or 2nd, but probably 1st.

4x400 is iffy. Hoping for a top 5 finish.

Barraza should finish top 3 in steeplechaseand May win.

Lechler may score in the decathlon. Kid saves his best for when it matters.

Montgomery probably will finish top 3 in the 400m. Outside chance he wins, but USC’s Mike Norman will be tough to beat. Really good field in the 400m.

Lattin may be the key. If he can get to the final in both the 110m and 400m hurdles, we’ll be in great shape. He may finish top 3 in the 400m hurdles as he’s been slept on there.

Don’t expect Alexander to make it through in the 200m final, but this is great experience for the freshman. That’s the thing…this won’t be a one year thing. Coogs will be coming back regularly.

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Agree except for Barazza. His PB is 5-6 seconds behind half a dozen or more others. You think he’s been doing just enough to advance and now, Boom! he’ll show what he’s really got?

Coog coaches prep these guys for the championship. They don’t care about anything before now other than making sure they are at their best this weekend.

For sure. Barazza’s time was good and no one ran away with it in his heat. looking forward to tomorrow.

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Disappointing Lechler no highted in the HJ.

That was unfortunate.