Can UH boost the Big 12's ratings in the Houston market?


Can UH boost the Big 12’s ratings in the Houston market?



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Of course it goes without question …

BIG GAMES/TOP 10/15 are going to be seen ON TV regardless of the city … Seattle … L.A. … Miami … Dallas … Houston

Owning the TV market is misleading … OBVIOUSLY LSU vs. Fla is going to play better than Kentucky vs. So. Carolina (snore-city) ON TV … DUH!!!

As I have noted ad nauseam … PLAYING HERE IN PERSON in a P5 game at a rabid stadium will do wonders publicity and recruiting-wise …

The SEC plays the aggies 90 miles to the north away from all the dense recruiting areas surrounding Houston. They might as well play in Norway … NO ONE but the aggies will be watching … IN PERSON.

I love how 2010 was cherry-picked:

In 2010, when it went 5-7, UH barely registered in its own market, even though the Cougars went to the Conference USA championship game under Kevin Sumlin in the season before and in the season after.

You mean that we didn’t register in a year when we played once on ESPN against UTEP at 9:15, once on ESPN2 against UCF, and the remaining games were all on Fox Sports Net, CBSSports, and CSS . :scream: shocked I tells you, shocked.

But wait, how did that late starting 2010 Houston-UTEP game on ESPN do in Houston:

On the college front, the Houston-UTEP game last Friday on ESPN did a 4.7 Nielsen household rating in Houston. The Wyoming-Texas game Saturday on Fox Sports Houston rated 3.9.

(Unfortunately, I can’t find the UH-UCF game or any other Houston CFB ratings for that year as David Barron stopped posting them after that).

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