Can we be decent?

CCoog posted this, on a thread about gun violence. I get that we don’t have to agree about stuff, but this is TRASH.

I honestly don’t want to be a part of this. He’s been banned before. So whatever.

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He’s daring the mods to ban him.

Or he’s flaunting that he knows he won’t be banned :smirk: Or he’s trying to get the board eliminated again.

Tony Montana shooting up the place in a thread about a recent mass shooting. :rage: really Ray Ray!???! This a “community standards”? :disappointed: I wouldn’t want such a truly sick fück like that anywhere near my board if I were you.

Same guy who used my dad dying to ridicule me and that’s not even the most disgusting thing he’s posted.

We have maybe 20-30 frequent posters here (politics forum) engaging in thoughtful discourse but because of three trolls AND THE PEOPLE WHO RESPOND to them AND THE MODERATORS WHO LOOK THE OTHER WAY we have deplorable posts that put UH in a bad light.

Don’t … feed … the … trolls … … … TRY I know it’s hard. I will say when things get this bad it’s on the moderators.


I talked to him about this and he never said anything again. We all deserve a second chance no? His post about the Scarface was aggressive but in the light of good guy with a gun. Ill keep tabs on him.

Second chance? Be serious. He’s constantly doing stuff like that.

He told someone to go eff themselves this week. Dude does whatever he wants.


Code speak for you wont do anything…got it.


Does everyone get talked to before getting banned or get multiple chances? Serious question. I’ve never been banned.



So first and 2U got talked to first. Does everyone?

Of course he won’t.


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You’ve seen the movie right? In no universe can Scarface’s lead character be considered a “good guy with a gun”.

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Here’s the good guy with a gun in that movie…oh and he’s not a “good guy” either btw.


Step your game up.


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