Can we beat Cincinnati?

Yes, no or maybe :thinking:

I’m still calming from this one still. :crazy_face:

If there are no verbal personal fouls.

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Yes. And if the defense can manage to get off the field on 4th and 17’s we might actually win by 2+ scores. lol



And UCF.

And if we play like we did against UT…MAYBE even Okie State!!!

If South Alabama can beat 'em…then we definitely have a chance!

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We should win, but Cinncy’s seven consecutive losses have me worried. We’re prime slump-busting material this year.



yes the coogs can.

i watch a lot of cinci games as 1/2 the family is from ohio, they are worse than the coogs, the coaches could screw it up for the coogs but the coogs should win if the coogs make the plays they have shown they can

Ouch. They’ve fallen so far since their CFB appearance.

I don’t think Dana cares about beating Cincinnati. He will be celebrating our big road win til Friday.

We should win. I think we will lose.

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Are we going to get free football tickets if we have basketball tickets? Hope so!


Is Cinci mighty?

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We are much better team at home then on the road, so, fully expect a win. In fact, Ok St better watch out, we also have a realistic chance to beat them.


Okie St is a concern that RB they have is a monster.

Can we? Yes

Will we? Probably

Yes. Solidly.

Kickoff— Saturday 6:00 p.m.
FS1-- TV

Edit: no excuses… be there. I will be there for only my 2nd gm this year.

CDH needs your support.:face_with_hand_over_mouth:



Yeah we can beat them but Dana is strange and can beat teams we shouldn’t then suddenly not care and lose to teams we should beat. We should win so hope Dana cares lol.

When I think we win, we lose them when I think we lose or get blown , we win or get close like UT.

So I don’t know sat but Dana really needs to care bc on paper we can win sat .