Can we beat Sam?

Those extensions have become the norm around college football. We probably could have saved ourselves a few million at least on the buyout by only partially guaranteeing 2025 and lowering the guarantee for 2026 and 2027. I don’t think Dana would have said no unless he really believed he would win 12 games again.

If we actually lose ( I don’t see it happening unless all starters come up sick ) I really believe The Dud is gone Monday. No way he can survive that. RK will have no choice, the pressure will be through the roof

Let’s not be revisionist, everyone knew that CDH put us through a nationally embarrassing 2019 when expectations were SKY HIGH that year when he ran off our 50 TD QB, had his infamous “can’t ###ing coach this ###” rant, redshirted the roster, and delivered a losing season.

2020 was another losing season and yes EVERYONE else had to deal with COVID just like us. BTW, we hadn’t had 2 losing seasons in a row since the Dimel days almost 20 years prior! Thanks for that CDH!

In 2021, our genius AD is feeling the heat and gets rid of a P5 school and arguably the top blue blood G5 school of the last 20 years for some near certain Ws. We get some breaks with AAC scheduling (no UCF and Cincy in the regular season) and other schools being a bit down and we have a good year on paper. I will say the SMU win was nice and that was probably the highlight of his tenure here (but if in 5 years that is your highlight that is a major problem). We then get beat by Cincy by multiple TDs in the AAC championship game and squeaked by an Auburn team without a bunch of players and who literally didn’t want to be there and ended with a losing record (6-7!). Out of our 12 wins, we beat 3 teams with winning records that year and they had 7, 7, and 8 wins so none were world beaters.

In no world would the extension CDH got after 2021 be warranted. None.


I never defended the extension he got, only pointed out that he had to get an extension. It happens at every school in college football. After 3 years, you either have to fire or extend the coach. We didn’t have to be as nice with the guarantee or length, but you had to extend him or you were basically throwing away the next two seasons. Tilman wanted a big time contract to show we meant business. Hopefully it’s up to him to pay the extra buyout because of that deal.

I get what you are saying. This is where Pez has to step in and if he feels he just HAS to do it, he says ‘we will give you an extension that looks good to recruits but is heavy incentive laden and doesn’t have a bunch of guaranteed $ built on. Keep doing good and that will change.’ I’d love to negotiate with Pez lol!!! The fact that Pez put all his chips on the table with multiple yellow light signals lets you know all you need to know about him. He just did the same thing with out baseball coach although as of now those are basically red lights…


I don’t know the technicalities, but can’t Dana be reassigned as hydration expert and bring in another coach until his buy-out is lessened?

I recall we did something similar with Dana Dimel where he was with the program as a fund-raising administrator or something worthless while we moved forward with Art Briles.


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maybe Dana can just be the OC/primary playcaller with no recruiting responsibilities with the next HC

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