Can we have a 2nd game thread

for the people who just want to complain and pout? I mean I get it, its how some people need to vent through the tension of the game. I don’t want to take that away from the people who need to go through that. Its just makes the thread unreadable at times for some others. Ends up looking like this:

The game day thread is Mos Eisly of Coog fans, You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy


lol, we could make a “vent” thread


We should have a thread for all the new, bandwagon posters.

God, love’m but sheesh…we’ve been through what they’re going through now 100 times.

Chill newbies.


You’ll not see toxic until football season. Hahahahahaha


True…its already nuts over there.



Unhardened fans, those who have not seen the many low years, some youth and some new fans, and even some longer time fans, gonna be that way.

May they get as hopeful, optimistic, thick skinned, and LOYAL to their team with time. True fans will continue to be around and some will fade away as times get harder.

I welcome any new fan and appreciate those who stay.

That said, I tend to click away and focus on the game when things get to the “Karen” tone. Too much of a distraction.

Depending on the outcome I may or may not bother to look back at the thread. I don’t want to weaken my optimism so I can enjoy the rest of the game and season. None of what happens in the games and seasons is in my control so why fret?

Sometimes, it’s hard to be a Coog!


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Call it the Pearland thread.

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