Canadian health care failing

This is a misleading headliner on this Thread. System is not failng, there looking for ways to improve the system either a glass is half empty or full, in this case it’s half full. Canadian people love there healthcare system. Try taking it away from them. Like anything in life improvements can always be made


Canadians wouldn’t trade their healthcare for ours. Like said, they will supplement theirs which is good.

We could do the same here

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The Canadians I work with don’t like it at all. They would trade for ours in a heartbeat.


I had a hip replacement. I had it 2 weeks after my first visit to the doctor. Not 6 months or more.

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They wouldn’t trade it. They might complain some but won’t trade it for ours. They do supplement theirs and go here for certain things but they love the guarantee of their coverage vs ours before 65.

Healthcare backlogs is fail…ask any cancer patient

Go do a whole nation survey and come back and talk to me. What you point out is anecdotal. Every nation has folks who aren’t satisfied with something that’s life. 66% are satisfied…lot of folks up here like to spout off with no facts to support there argument Not saying that about you. But it seems to be standard for up here


Don’t forget about the tax burden they pay to have that healthcare. I broke my wrist at school at around 1 pm. I sat at the hospital until 2 am before they set it. We probably would have waited longer but my Dad started making a scene in the hospital. It was amazing how quickly things happened after that.

That healthcare system also costs a ton. The only reason my parents moved to Texas was because they were being tax 50% of their wages and that was in the mid 90’s. My parents were very middle class.

I’m unhappy about our #3 ranking. What are my options?

No, not really. :nerd_face:

How many people in Canada go bankrupt due to medical bills?


A little off topic but with the respect UH usually gets I think #3 is pretty good.

It kind of was. We have an entire Canadian division. I work with about 35-40 people across all of Canada. They hate the healthcare up there.

How many Canadians have gone bankrupt due to illness?


The inability to admit when wrong is staggering on this site

There a small sampling out of a nation of 36 mil people

You stated “Canadian people love their healthcare system”. I’m telling you that not everybody up there agrees with you.

I don’t care how many people went bankrupt. How many died because they were waiting in line? How many died because they couldn’t get the Covid vaccine? How many died because their cancer went undiagnosed?

Those are much better questions. If you’re bankrupt, you’re still alive.

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True and that is why they won’t give up their system for ours bc of bankruptcy as the biggest reason for keeping theirs. If they have a backlog, some can simply go here for care and pay if really needed.

I have work coverage which is good but the issue is we all have to make it till 65 when Medicare kicks in to avoid money issues till then.

I keep having to vote dem bc the republicans don’t get it. We could prob do 60 and over for Medicare sorta like biden mentioned with his 55 and older deal. It would take high risk people out of private and reduce private rates then there is a buy in at 55 or 60 per the biden plan , however biden hasn’t mentioned it lately bc of other pressing issues but it’s a good plan. You’d also be able to buy supplemental ins like blue cross on the side like my dad does.

We can make universal coverage work at 55 or 60 then sure up Obamacare and Obamacare is working but the republicans hate it bc they didn’t and can’t create a plan due to their ideology and having everyone on their own in every way. Some things are for the greater good. If it wasn’t for their attacks on healthcare, soc sec and Medicare, I could vote republican but they keep pissing on the third rail of politics.

Obamacare sucks its mostly hmo and 3rd tier doctors.