Canadian health care failing

Wage and price controls during and after WWII. Companies couldn’t pay more, but could offer insurance to get employees. Remember, until the last 60 years or so you really couldn’t buy much health care. Two aspirin, put on a splint, some surgeries. But nothing like what we have now, so it was cheap for the employer.

It’s truly an awful system, as far as paying the bills goes.

It’s an eternal loop. We’ve had critical services denied by out insurance companies many times, and had to call in lawyers to resolve the issue.

America has an amazing system of hospitals, medical care, and drug research. Who is paying for all of that. We are. The rest of the world benefits (yes I know many are foreign companies like Pfizer).

But it’s on the backs of us, the taxpayers.

So weird that the right digs in on this. Bootstraps, I guess…

I will add, the demon Obamacare fixed a lot of that. For the better (yes, I know there were hiccups). The system is still screwed.

Canada is a favorite conservative & fake libertarian healthcare boogie man. It’s not just Canada…every other developed nation has a better health care system for their citizens than the US.


You guys are forgetting the real problem. The real problem is that the health of profits for insurance companies is more important than the health of just the regular people WHO PAY THE PREMIUMS. That’s the real problem.



Insurance literally own this country real estate wise profits before life, they shown this on many occasions. When yourvfightting for your life last thing you need is stress fighting with your insurance company

Yeah and ins companies make costs higher by their existence which is just to manage costs and they are on the stock exchange and want to make money for stock holders. They reduce costs by managing it and denying then take more then they reduced. If we got them out of way and did direct Medicare at least for 55 or 60 and older, it might be better for all.

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