Cancelling Bowl Games

Perhaps already posted but has anyone read/heard bowl games could get canceled due to Covid? Not all games but ones where a team has a breakout.

I am assuming it will. Lockdowns of some sort feel like they are coming. Thanks omicron.


I hope not. I didn’t get cancelation insurance for our 4 nights of hotels…

The only one I know of is Miami’s football team has it in multiple position groups.

Our basketball team needs to mask up and spread the bench out again.

I’ve not heard this but someone did post that UTSA couldn’t field up to 27 players from their team for their bowl game. Omicron is crazy contagious, apparently. At our hospital we’ve not seen a faster increase in positive tests from any other surge. It has doubled every 2 days and still going.

Early signs are that the disease for this variant may not be as severe (not confirmed, but optimistic), but people are still being hospitalized. Still, if only 10% require hospitalization, but omicron infects 10x more people, it means that we’re headed for another surge in our COVID volumes.

FYI - if you have any procedures pending, get them done ASAP as omicron may dry up hospital capacity pretty darn quick. Otherwise it’ll just be more delay for you.


The good news, if you can call it that, is that the regular COVID is dwindling down significantly. The Omicron variant seems to be no deadlier than the normal flu and if vaccinated, it is very mild. Right now I have 11 friends I know of with it, they are all vaccinated, and are all only experiencing very mild symptoms. My wife is getting tested as I write this, I was feeling badly a few days with the symptoms of Omicron, but tested negative. Yes, my bride and I are both fully vaccinated.


Has COVID a few days ago, fully vaccinated with moderna, felt like a bad cold. Didn’t feel good by any means but didn’t feel the need to go to the hospital.

Compare it to Delta, which seemed really dangerous, I doubt Lockdowns will happen again since this variant looks less deadly and the fact that we didn’t shut down for Delta


Down in Victoria covid hospitalization % was almost 30%. Right now it’s at 2%. 2% of hospital beds in Victoria are covid patients. For the last 1 year or so it was 30%. At least in that area hospitalization numbers are drastically improved.

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Aggies out of Gator Bowl

Apparently they are going to try and find opponent from another bowl that has team drop out.


I’d rather go to the Gator Bowl than the Birmingham Bowl. I wonder how Auburn/SEC would feel about that since it was a SEC school that dropped out.

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I agree but seems like a huge hassle for people that have non refundable air and hotel….do not think they would be okay with the move.


whoops Aggy

lots of aggies arent too happy, now having non refundable tickets, hotel and air reservations.

its still 10 days away, you figure enough players could get thru it by then rather than lose the bowl payout as it is more about money than ever before. you figure the aggie ad would be trying to figure a way to still get that bowl check.

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They are probably using Covid to get out it, happened to us a lot last year


Very possible. When I saw their game was not until 31st I thought it was pretty early to just phone it in.

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It has to be a FBS team ?
An FCS team is ineligible ?
If NO = Call Jackson State.
If Yes = could they get a waiver?

We will see if this is the beginning of the end…

I hear the school in Austin may be available.

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Call South Carolina st…… they rolled the Mighty Deons

I guess A&M will be too embarrassed to get beat by Wake Forest. It must be an SEC thing.


With the transfer portal casualties and those opting to “prepare for the draft”, bowl games have become a shadow of what they once were.

What do you learn from Auburn with 5 to 10 of their players and a new coach vs Houston without two key players in Hall and Jones (maybe others - idk)?

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