Cane's Scoring Callenge

Just to let everyone know, I was at the game last night and received one of the Cane’s challenge cards. Went to the Cane’s in Sugar Land and they refused it. Said that since they are not in the City of Houston they would not honor the card. If that is the company policy then if you go to a store in Katy, Bellaire, West U, or any other local town you will not be able to use the card.

To be fair, it does say “Challenge” (j/k)…

Hard to believe they would not honor it. It is not like you drove to Beaumont or Conroe. There is not one around me so I gave mine away. I will let you know if I hear of others having an issue.


I’ve used mine in Cypress (outside the city limits) without a problem this year.

I wonder if these are franchises or corporate-owned restaurants? The McDonald’s closest to my house will not always participate a national promotion or pricing scheme.

I’d guess a franchise has some discretion in some instances to abstain from corporate promotions.

I’ve used it in League City with out issues.

I have used these coupons at this store in the past but when the clerk refused to honor the card I talked to a manager and they also refused.
I contacted UH about this issue and Kevin Olivett has been great in trying to get an answer but apparently Cane’s doesn’t care and has not responded to either of us.

I had trouble once with them not accepting the card. I told the manager I was going to talk with UH and tell them they had a bad sponsor they needed to drop. Then the manager apologized for the delay and they immediately accepted the card.

I did tell them I was going to contact their corp office and UH. They did not care nor did they accept the card. Not only is Cane’s ignoring me they are apparently ignoring UH athletic dept. on this.

No way I would go to that kind of effort for some of that lame chicken

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