Cant play CMD defense against an air raid

Air raids live on yac. He already gives 7 to 10 yds of potential yac no matter what the o is. Its infuriating to watch. KK was kicking his chops for this game. Pathetic. Has to go.


Agreed! You can’t defend against an air raid without movement and making it a guessing game for the opposing QB… some corner blitzes, stunts, the d-line standing up and changing the punt if attack to confuse the QB. We just sat in a stance and occasionally showed a LB blitz, but we telegraphed it over and over again. And your spot in about the 15 yard cushion. D’Onofrio basiclally allowed their QB to get in a rhythm, and he stayed hit the whole game.

Is this why we lost to Tulsa last year?

We lost to Tulsa for so many reasons.

Here are a couple.

If I see the nickleback come on a delayed, outside rush one more time I’m crawling over the wall and strangling CMD. Every time he does it it looks like the NB is running a jet sweep with out a football. It takes so long to develop the offensive is already down field when he arrives in the backfield. Its retarded.

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