Can't watch any more

Hawaii came to play. Hawaii is dominating us. I posted earlier that we had no business going to a bowl. Others said “nonsense”, we get more practices, rings for the players, bla bla bla. So sad, and I am a strong supporter and have been for many years. Merry Christmas everyone.
We should have let Army ware our uniforms so they could represent our school better. I bet they would have loved to play in this game.


Yes Army would tear up these guys.

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This fballl program is embarrassing at this point. Can’t believe how far we have descended into hell.

Yep. Not exactly a magnate for top recruits. I believed in Holgerson for a long time, but I’m off the train now. He is a disaster.

Look out, we’re showing signs of life


Cmon now at least 1 more year, have faith Will be glad to see u next season in our seats!!!

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Glad I stayed tuned in!

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True fans do.

We won the 3rd quarter

Bandera, You know I will be there, but looks pretty dismal right now. Merry Christmas!

They certainly didn’t look like they were ready to play!! No fire, ho hustle. The O line was pathetic on run blocking…the whole team looked lethargic…except #4…that dude is quick!! Let’s hope things get turned around.