Can't we All get along!

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What unites us is far more than what separates us.

The media won’t let us remember that.

Neither will some politicians.

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Agree with that.

Sure the media is a factor but it is the demonizing of anyone who disagrees that is the real issue. That’s not exclusively media driven, it is also driven by politicians, some religious leaders, your neighbor down the block, and the man in the mirror.


It depends on what media we are talking about too. Fringe sites and social media are definitely driving it. Mainstream media not so much.


Live and let live. Used to be our national motto.

Now we have garbage on this board referring to the former first lady as a man, simply because she could take him out with her well toned arms.

Napoleon complex, indeed.

lmao this coming from a guy who dressed up in a costume and cries about his twitter friends lol. What is wrong with Michelle or Mike being a trans? Are you anti trans?



You’re a sub to Michelle O’s dom.

Sorry buttercup.

Who’s your mommy?

Because she’s not. She has kids.

You seem young so maybe you don’t understand how all of this works.

I agree Biden will never quit.

How do you reconcile with morons?

The divide between college educated and not has proven parallels in voting preference.

Yeah, concede to morons. Great idea. And those who ally with them proclaim, “But not me!”


Standing on an overpass waiting for JFK to reincarnate. Bud Light meltdown.

Hell, they’re even oblivious to the disparity on this site.

The sad part is that it seems there are a lot of college educated morons out there or at least ones that are moronically fearful of anyone not like themselves.

Thier have always been weirdos, the issue now is those weirdos are trying to groom little children.

You could always stop and find a new hobby, @firstandten


thread title: “Can we learn to leave each other alone?”

not by this board.

i’m psuhed by the left here on the sports board to drag politics onto them and the left here is bring back posts i put up months ago.

democratic rule is mob rule imo and the left on this board readily reflects that.

People clowning on you for your dog water takes is not mob rule. But cry more.


Let’s see. Who is it who allies themselves with those calling for civil war?

You know like killing other people.

“Oh yeah, we’ll leave you alone after you’re dead.”

Very sensitive little flowers so fragile being pushed and all. And you were in the service? Spare me the victimization crying towel.


Are you embarrassed about what you said months ago or do you not stand by those words? I don’t see the problem with looking at previous posts when relevant to today’s discussion.

I can’t speak to anyone pushing you to bring up politics in the sports boards, I haven’t seen it but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Though you could always ignore them.