Case doppelgänger

Watching UNCheat play the gaggies. NCs qb looked really familiar - body shape and play making, not face.

Case clone physically. Uncanny

If Case was running the UNC offense. they would be winning!


He too lost his share of games. Ok, I’ll start running now, here they come!! :joy::grin:

Run fast, run long.


Run Forrest run!!

Probably get flagged! Personal foul. :grinning:

He’s listed at 6’1" 225lbs, and he’s only a sophomore. They should have had at least one more long TD reception, too. Dropped it right in the breadbasket and the dude dropped it.

That was a great game and I tip my hat to Jimbo for turning the Aggies around. I think they are going to have a good run under him.


So weird to think back to the night after the Peach bowl and Fla St fans were telling me hey would rather have Herman than Jimbo.

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That should tell you the fans don’t know best.