Case to tank

I know CJ Stroud will be given every chance to become the starter but I for one am looking forward to see Case Keenum throwing passes to Tank Dell, especially in the preseason….could actually make the preseason games worth watching this year


If you would have told me that Big Ed, Stevenson and Dell would play on the same team as Case Keenum a few years ago, I woulda thought you were talking about an all-time UH roster on a video game.

While that would be nice to see, I would be shocked if Stroud is not the starter from day 1. That seems to be the way things are done now, especially when you are a top 2 QB.

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Love that Case is back in Houston but I want to see Stroud win the job and take control of our offense for years to come. Case can be a great mentor and teammate.

Reading the title of this thread literally, I thought to myself that’s a harsh prediction :nerd_face:

Happy to be mistaken